Kim Heechul Hints at His “The Heirs” Cameo on Instagram

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul will be making a cameo in the hot new drama, “The Heirs.’ On October 15 the singer shared a photo on his official Instagram account and wrote, “If Hyung Shik is for Ryeowook, then Min Hyuk is for Donghae. With ‘The Heir’s’ ChanYoung. After reaching some sort of deal with Kim Eun Sook I shot a cameo on ‘The Heirs’. I’ll explain what sort of deal I made with Kim Eun Sook on ‘War of Words‘. Please watch ‘The Heirs’! Sweet. Let’s get 90% viewer ratings when I come on.” In the picture Kim Heechul offers a slight smirk for the camera next to CNBlue‘s Kang Min Hyuk. Kang Min Hyuk is currently playing Yoon Chan Young in “The Heirs.” The mentioned Kim Eun Sook is the main writer for drama. Kim Hee Chul is currently a fixed cast member on the JTBC talk show “War of Worlds.”

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