Boys Republic Community Announcement πŸ“£

Hello Royal Family! Its Melissa, your Boys Republic Moderator. I'm here to make a Community Announcement. We are going to start another 10 days Challenge!

Its called BR Music Shuffle Challenge. We are going to start on February 18th to February 28th.

Rules for the Challenge:

1. You got to make a card for your answer.

2. Your song has to be a Boys Republic one.

3. You can use any video for your answer. For example: mv, lyric, practice, dance or live performances videos.

4. Be sure to tag the Royal Squad:







5. Let's have fun together with this challenge.

We are looking forward to seeing the songs you all pick for our challenge. So be sure to join us in this fun Community challenge.

Royal squad @MelissaGarza - moderator @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t @jjrockstar @AlexisJ15@HeichousRegalia Royal Family Tag List @BabydollBre @ChaErica @HeichousRegalia @JaxomB @KarinaMiranda81 @kyky97 @mellyortiz @QueenPandaBunny @StefaniTre @Vkookie47@stsmarlene@IsoldaPazo@awkwardjazzy@ibMIMI@banitu@AimeeH @SierraBecerra @sukkyongwanser @KDramaKpop1015@TaylorHill5@EvilGenius@InfinitySky@SerenaArthurs@Helixx@LemonLassie

@OppasManBun >>>>Please comment if you want to be added to Royal Tag list. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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