Bts "Wings" tour in seoul

Jin- "Awake" His high note♡ What I would give to see Jin sing this song live

V- "Stigma" V's voice sounds amazing

Jhope- "Mama"

Jhopes mom was there at the concert. For her to see her son on that stage performing his song "Mama" she must be really proud of him.

Bts and Army's are singing happy birthday to jhope. This is so freaking cute.

Jimin- "Lie" I got goosebumps while watching this video. Jimin's voice

Bts- "Cypher pt 4" Oh my goshhhh. I really want to go to a BTS concert

Here's Suga's performance-

here's Jungkook's performance-

i couldnt find a video of Namjoon performing his song "Reflection" but once i do i will make a card and post it.

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