CNBlue Challenge Day 19

LOL Vingle got mad at me and made me post these an hour later XD


But one more after this one! YAYYY!

LLeett''ss sseeee wwhhaatt DDaayy 1199 iiss

Day 19 - Favorite 5 Live Performances?

Ah man this is gonna be hard!

HHmmmm,, lleett''ss sseeee....

This is in no specific order but I LOVED this one!

lmao...them making fun of Yonghwa was great XD

The set in this one is awesome!

And they sing so great live in this video... O.O

I like this one because they look like they are having a BLAST.

I mean they always look like they have fun but I couldn't stop smiling when Yonghwa does. XD

The sound isn't too great on this one but despite that they still sound amazing.

The harmonies are SOOO GOOD.

And they are a little more serious in this one but the chants add to it so much!

Plus this is one of my favorite songs! XD


Any favorite live performances beside these ones?

*Savage Thunder Mafia*


•Code Name Loners•

@CrookedShadow (Moderator)





The Outcasts

((TThhee ccoommmmuunniittyy ttaagg lliisstt ffoorr CCNNBBLLUUEE.. TThhiiss ttaagglliisstt iiss jjuusstt ffoorr tthhee CCNNBBLLUUEE mmooddeerraattoorrss ttoo uussee!!


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H –@HeichousRegalia

I –@imiebegay14@IsoldaPazo

J –@JaxomB

K –@KassieXiong@KendraReeve@KenyaMendoza

L –

M –@MaggieHolm@ManduBum@MaritessSison@MelissaGarza@MissMinYoongi @mrsyookihyun

N –

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P –

Q –@QueenPandaBunny

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T –@TeaTimeFoxy@TKOtaku@turntuptae

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X –

Y –@YviLole15

Z –

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