Doojoon - Whatever You Say

Fascination of distant lands held you captive into their different cultures. The people captivated you as how different they can be but also the same in so many ways. When Doojoon asked you to come with him and his band B2ST you couldn’t refuse this lifetime offer.

After landing in John F. Kennedy International Airport, the fans soon surrounded all of you, Doojoon held your hand as the rest of the guys surrounded you, keeping you safe from the cameras and the fangirls. Navigating through the fans, B2ST got their bags and headed to the van that was waiting for them as well.

Piling into the van, the members listened to music on their own or slept. You rested your head on Doojoon’s shoulder as he wrapped his arm around you just to fall asleep on you.

Reaching the hotel, all of you woke up and helped move your things up into the rooms that you had. Getting up to the rooms, you and Doojoon both took showers and snuggled into bed. You were about to fall asleep when Doojoon got a text from the manager.

“The manager just said that I have a pretty busy schedule, so I won’t be around very much. I am afraid to say but I would like you to stay in the hotel so that you won’t get into trouble with the fans or anyone, just to keep you safe.” Doojoon’s sweet, deep voice informed you as you nodded your head.

“Whatever you say Doo~” You cooed as you fell fast asleep.

The first day alone wasn’t bad by yourself but you were happy when the guys got back from rehearsals.

“Did you have a good practice Doo?” You asked as you sat on the hotel bed. He shrugged his shoulders as he sat behind you, leaning on you as you answered some messages on your phone.

“What did you do today?” He mumbled against your shoulder as he closed his eyes.

“I went down to the souvenir shop in the hotel lobby and got some presents for my parents, and best friends. Then I watched some of your videos and waited for you to get home.” You softly said knowing that he is close to sleep. His warm breath poured over your exposed shoulder as you gently turned around cradling his head in your hand as you slid him under the sheets, turning off the lights and kissing his limp lips gently as you wrapped your arms around him. Letting yourself fall into sweet sleep.

Every day after that all you did was sit around, being bored. Wanting to explore and to embrace the city to see it in it’s entirety. To see it in a different light then just going to their concerts.

Deciding to slip away for the day, you packed your backpack and walked out of the hotel.

Roaming the streets you felt this energy along the street. Something different than South Korea, something fresh and new, exciting and mysterious. Walking down the streets you gazed up at the high skyscrapers as they towered over you. Spending the rest of your day happily as you got to know the culture, the people, the scenery, and the energy that was around you.

Doojoon walked back to his room, exhausted from the concert as he unlocked his dark room.

Taking him a couple minutes to notice that you were gone, he pulled out his phone and texted you as he headed out of the building.

Where are you? - DJ

I needed to get out, I don’t like being cooped up

Can you tell me where you are? - DJ

I don’t know

You typed back as you sat on a bench in the desolate park, the vendors had gone home and everyone had cleared the park as some sidewalk lights twinkled into the small pond that you were gazing into.

Meanwhile Doojoon ran all over New York City, worried if something happened to you or that if you are hurt. He stopped to think of all of your favorite places corresponding them to places around here. Cinemas. Check. Music stores. Check. Your hobby stores. Check. He began to feel hopeless as he remembers the one place where you always go to think and to be alone.

Distant footsteps tromped along as they began to get louder, you turned your head as you saw a distant figure go in and out of the side walk lamps, you hung your head back down.

Running to the beautiful spot with the trees around you he found your hunched over body on the bench. He walked up to your bench gently sitting beside of you as his hand gently moved across your thigh as you threw yourself into his arms.

“Doo I was so scared” You let yourself go in his arms as they wrapped around you.

“I was scared too. I told you not to leave the hotel. You are too valuable for me to loose.” Doojoon began to hug you tighter, “How about we go back to the hotel?”

“Whatever you say” You chuckled as you broke into a smile as did Doojoon.

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