Doojoon - Unexpected

Fans quickly surrounded you as you arrived back home from the world tour. Trailing Doojoon slightly trying to catch up you suddenly got held back by the sea of fans. The guys walked through just fine as you fought the crowd.

“Where do you think you are going?” One of the girls said

“I’m going to Doojoon.” You said pointing in his direction.

She scoffed, “Not before I do.”

“Wanna bet?” You said with a smile knowing that you were the only one for Doojoon. The girl smiled at you as she slapped your face, holding your hand up to your cheek, she rounded up a group of girls around you.

“She doesn’t get Doojoon all to herself right?” The girl said as many more girls joined in.

“Yeah!” They all chanted as they then ran over you, piling on top of you as you curled yourself into a ball. They got fiercer as time went on as they stopped using their hands and started to kick you.

“Joonie~” You called into the air as then one of them kicked you super hard in the stomach where you could hardly breathe. You let out a cry that a dog would make after they got hurt, as

it was faintly heard.

“Hyung” Dongwoon stopped Doojoon placing a hand on his shoulder. “Where’s ______?”

Doojoon stopped as his eyes widened, he ran back to the terminal as he retraced his steps looking for you. He then saw a group of girls cheering and kicking as he ran towards them, peeling them off of the helpless person, he didn’t figure that you would be the one on the ground.

The kicking had receded as you curled yourself up tighter. A familiar hand rubbed your back as you took a chance and gently removed your hands from your face to see Doojoon's  as he was trying to see who it was.

“_______? Are you ok?” Doojoon helped you up as you started to limp and hold your stomach.

“I am very disappointed in you fans. For not only hurting my wife, but for treating another human being like this.” Doojoon gave a quick speech on respecting others as you clutched your stomach as it began to hurt more and more. The fans said that they were sorry as Doojoon then turned back to you.

“I need to go to the hospital” You broke out as you tried to breathe through the pain that you were having. Doojoon agreed as you and the band rushed to the hospital. After they dropped you and Doojoon off then they went back to the dorm.

They took you into a room as you changed into one of their gowns. They came in with an ultrasound just to check out your internal organs and to see if there was any internal bleeding.

Moving the little sensor over your stomach they paused and moved around your lower abdomen as they showed it to you. They let you know what it was as you felt the world come down on you. Bringing in another doctor to confirm, you were left to tell Doojoon who was waiting for you patiently outside of your room.  The doctors let him go in as he kissed your forehead, holding your hand as he sat down next to you.

“What did they say? Did they find anything?” Doojoon asked as his thumb traveled over you fingers.

“They did find something.” You knew you had to go through with it but you didn’t know how to tell him. “They found a little baby.”

“A baby?” He asked as you nodded, “Where?” His eyes got big as he was wondering if you were really teasing him. You rubbed your stomach gently looking down at it.

“You’re pregnant?” Doojoon said it suddenly clicked for him in his head.

You nodded.

“I’m sorry, Joonie. I know we didn’t plan this right now.” You began to cry as he wrapped you in a hug.

“Some of the best things aren’t planned. Just like how I met you.” Doojoon whispered in your ear as he held you tighter. Pressing his lips on yours sweetly, he then asked, “Did the fans hurt the baby? When they kicked you?”

“The doctors don’t know, they said that I am pretty early along, like two months. They won’t be able to tell for at least another month or two.” You said as some more tears fell from your eyes.

Wiping them away gently he kissed your cheeks.

“Don’t worry everything will be fine. You are strong and so is our baby, both of you will be healthy and happy.” Doojoon happily said as he couldn’t stop smiling. Nodding at him gently, the hospital discharged you as you then headed to the dorm to inform the other members.

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