My First Love




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waking up early in the morning i hearing jungkook snoring and Taehyung breathing in my ear giving me chills down my spine its been a week since Taehyung has moved into Jungkook and I dorm room and my life has been a living hell i wake up every morning with a rock hard boner in my pants while Taehyung sleeping so embarrasing i slowly move out of the bottom bunk with taehyung next to me Taehyung suddenly pulls me back in bed "stay with me for a while" he whispers in my ear i felt like my whole was upside down i pull away and run to the bathroom i take off all of my clothes and run cold water over my body the places where he touch me have a burning sentation i grab my shapoo and wash my hair feeling the bubbles running down my body giving me goosebumps i start to wash my body cleaning myself i touch my member as my legs began to weaken i rub even faster sending a slight moan out my mouth cursing i lean back my head arching my back with pure pleasure imaging taehyung touching me and kissing me all over a louder moan comes out my mouth as i feel like im closer to cuming i hear a knock on the door as i was cuming all over the bath tub i fall from the sudden knock scaring me to death "Jimin are you okay do you need help?" hearing Taehyung voice made me start turning red "jimin im coming in okay" he said while turning the knob to the bathroom door i hurry up to the door but i was too late and not im on top of taehyung what to do

Taehyung Pov

Jimin suddenly falls on top of me "are you okay?" he didn't answer back i look down to see jimin red face and his naked body covered in water i quickly look away to not embarrass him even more i see a towel hanging from the towel rack and grab it gently covering jimin with the towel jimin looks up at me with his red face and puppy eyes staring at me greatfully i grab his shoulder and rise him up and grab his hand making sure that he can stand jimin tightens his grip around my hand he than sits on the toilet and i see that he as a scrapped knee i look in the medicine cabint pulling out hydrogen peroxide,cotton balls,scaring cream i get on my knees and start to clean his scrapped knee "oww it hurts" jimin said while grabbing my hand "okay okay ill go slowly" i said with a smile jimin quickly looks away i forgot that he didn't have on any clothes but a towel that wrapped around him very sloppy i look at he's knee cleaning it fully i get up and walk to the room to grab some clothes for jimin "what was all that noise in the bathroom" jungkook said with wide eyes "jimin fell and has a scrapped knee can you give him some clothes i have to go somewhere soon" jungkook nobb his head and left the dorm room i started heading to the head quartes of this college to talk about my schedule i walk in an see the princple i walk swiftly over to he notice me and smiled "Hello Taehyung nice to see you here" i bow "Hello i like to talk about my schedule" he nods in agrement "okay follow me to my office" i follow to his office he sits in his huge chair and quickly enters his computer and types my name in and alot of my personal information comes up "i would like to fit choreography and music studio work in my schedule" i said he looks at me confused "but at your other college you were in biomeds" that was only because my ex girlfriend was in that class "i changed my mind it doesn't suit me" he nods his head and changed my shedule "okay we are all set hope you like you classes Taehyung" i bow and leave the building i headed to a cafe` and order americanos with some muffins at starbucks for jungkook, jimin and I, i walk to the dorm room and open the door to find jungkook and jimin chasing each other around i started laughing and they both stop i set the coffee and the muffins down and i see jimin knee looks nicely tooken care of i smile good job V maybe the biomed class wasn't useless after all i shove a muffin in my mouth jungkook started laughing "why do i have something on my face" he laughs even harder "haha you pig" Jungkook grabs a muffin and starts to eat it" i walk over to jimin and trying to offer one.


i grab the muffin slowly and start to eat it taehyung picks up the coffee and hands one to jungkook and me "there both americanos" he said looking out the window americano is what i always get when im having a bad day i sip on the coffee it was pure bliss we all eat our muffins jungkook and Tae have become close alot tae suddenly looks at me and smiles i look away i look at what time it was and it was only five mins. before Jungkook and I have choreography i get up and put on my tennis shoes "Jungkook class is about to start soon" he quickly hopps up taehyung just stares at us while drinking his coffee i wave bye and leave me and jungkook and i race to the choreography class we were the first ones to arrive Jin and rapmonster came 10mins. after use and suga and jhope can 2mins after them "why are you guys here so early" rapmonster asked me and jungkook "class always starts at this time" i said with an eyebrow "you should check you phone more ofter we have a new student in choreography and also music studio so our classes will be later than usual hes name is taehyung" i couldn't believe my ears he's in all of our class speaking of the devil taehyung walked in and smiled at all of us he look at me and waved i looked away and rapmonster notice through the whole day Tae was talking and getting to know everyone laughing playing games me and rapmonster were just watching rapmoster and Tae were very close "jinwhy are you not taking jin away from V" he looked at me and smiled "V is harmless to rapmonster we all know that jin likes me and he wouldn't do that behind my back hes likes guys who are caring V the kind of guy who looks at the only person he likes in the room like that person is the only person in the world." i look at jin"i think i might like V and plus me and him share a bed and i keep getting boners everytime i wake up and when i see him or think of him my body becomes hot as lava" jin started laughing "thats how i was with rapmonster but me and him didn't share a bed that quick sadly lucky you should hop on him who knows he might like you back" i nodded by the end of the day me and jungkook walk to the dorm "jimin i got somewhere to be and i might not come home later so don't wait up" i nod and he runs in a different direction i was now walking home alone i finally make it home and the dorm room was decrated in sparkling lights with a big feast on the table V come out of the kitchen with a cake that says thank you writen on it he places the cake in the middle he smiles at me brightly v must have come out of the shower because his hair was still dripping water and his clothes stuck to him"thank you for letting me stay here in your dorm room" i look at him as if he were crazy anyone would have let him stay in their dorm room i blow out the candles and he began clapping my heart felt like it was melting hearing him laugh with joy i looked him up and down he was wearing some tight jeans that made it look like he had a boner and a plan white-t he looked amazing i could feel my self getting harder i couldn't take this anymore i pin taehyung to the couch "im sorry but i can't take this anymore you make my body burn and you give me boners all the time i can't controll myself"i began kissing his lips they were warm and soft as rose petals i pushed my tongue into his mouth i pulled his shirt off his body and showed his sun kissed skin i kiss down his chest and lick his nicely formed abs i pull down his pants and boxers i pull out his member and began to suck on the tip his body jitters i started to deep throat his memeber but it was to large to fit in my mouth V starts to moan as i go faster i could tell that he was coming close to cuming i wanted to swallow his cum V leans his head back cums in my mouth it was tasty V watches me with wide eyes i quickly remove my head "im sorry " i let go of his arms and try to run out the door but V pushes me against the dorm door "where do you think your going" V was out of breath water and sweat dripping from his naked body it made me want to suck on his member again and kiss him all over "i just basically raped you and i know you don't like me" V looked a litte angry he tilted his head "don't tell me what i like and what i don't because i think your the cutest and most fun to cuddle with and i love taking care of you and who ever told you that lie needs to get their ass kicked " my heart melted jin was right

Taehyung POV

i pushed jimin onto the bottom buck he wrapped his legs around my waist i start kissing him on the lips his lips were the closest things to heaven to me i start kissing him on his neck and nibbling on his skin he let out a loud moan it scared us both jimin grabbed my hair and kissed me i pushed my tongue into his mouth masseging his tongue kissing all round his neck i pulled his shirt from over his head kissing and licking his nipples and kissing his stomach i pulled his pants and boxers down i kiss the top of his member and trying put the whole thing in my mouth going faster jimin held on and pulled to the sheets of the bottom bunk his toes curling up he started arching his back and leaning his head back he was moaning extremly loud yelling my name i remove my head and he comes all over his stomach i lick his cum off his stomach using some of the cum for chap stick and lick it off my lips he shutters and gets goosebumps he begans grinding on my memeber causing my breathing to become heavy i place finger in his a**hole he arches his back and moans i place another finger in he lets out a painful moan looking at me while licking his lips i pull my fingers out and slowly push in my memeber "ah jimin your so tight" i said trying to push all the way in jimin letting out long and loud moans make me want to go crazy i was now all the way in "can i start moving" jimin nodded "yes please" i started going slow jimin slide his hands over my shoulders marking me as his with his nails i start going faster jimin cover his mouth i grabb his hands "don't hold back on me now " he looked at me with his puppy eyes and moan so loud that i think we woke up our neighbors i started kissing his favorite spot on his neck he was in so much pleasure he couldn't keep his eyes straight "V don't stop yes right there" jimin cums but i dont stop and i cum shortly after in his a**hole both of us were breathing uncontrollably he pulls in and hugs me "thank you Taehyung" i smile and kiss his forehead "ready for round two" i whisper in his ear we both laugh but i don't think he took me seriously

i love kpop, kdrama,and south korea and i am slowly learning 학국어 (korean) and thats it
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