For Me, Myself and I {Chapter 5}


- MARK -

As the days went by, all in the aspects of unimaginable fun, I had realized my surroundings. I was in a vortex of conflictment. Too long but still recently had it been my last relationship, and it seems I am scared. I like Jackson, I really do, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid of getting hurt again, thrown aside like some doll only to be wanted back not  a moment too soon. I don't want to relinquish the memories of that one rollercoaster nor do I wish to encaunter it any time soon. For me it had always been me, but at the time I had let my guard down and it was no longer about myself. I had fallen as the doll I am and I have whistood the agony for too long. Taken advantage of and manipulated for sex and still remained strong..... yet feeble to thereof. Jackson has shown me otherwise. He is a good person and ovbiously not keen on taking advantage of the persons involved with him. He has an amazing personality,that which can be forged into a character of a story and you will find it enjoyable.

As of now all I want to do is get to know him far more than I already do. To figure out the little hidden pieces of  the many stories and memories he has told me. I can't take my eyes off of him. I am

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