True Love Tuesday: Crack Ships

So this week is all about Crack Ships XD I really struggled with this, guys. I kept thinking about all the ships I shipped but didn't sail as well as ones that I knew would never happen hence the name : Crack ships. So here we go! First off: The Ships That Didn't Sail For Me. T_T

Ino x Shikamaru

Back in the day, I just knew they would be together and then here comes Temari...

Edward x Rose

In the original Full Metal Alchemist, I wanted Edward and Rose To be together. But I also wanted him to be with Winry! XD In the end, I'm glad #Winry won.

Gray x Lucy

This one is kinda unique to me, I am a die hard Gray x Juvia fan ! However, I have started to notice people shipping Gray x Lucy and at first I was against it, buy now It is kinda growing on me...Juvia is still his soul mate of course. XD

Orihime x Uryu

I wanted them to be together since I just knew Rukia x Ichigo would happen. I felt sorry for orihime, so I shipped her with Uryu for the moment ichigo would reject her ..... XD

Anyway, it didn't sail ....*sigh

JJ x Yurio

Before Otabek walked in, JJ was the guy for Yurio XD However, Otabek changed all those plans, but does anyone else remember when the Fandom shipped it?

Tsunade x Kakashi

I wanted them to be together in the end. They both look like they could use some love & support. Wouldn't it be cute if they were parents with kids. Their kids woyld have amazi g abilities as children by former hokages.

Sevond Off:

They Ships that would never happen ( Crack Ships)

Note: I dont ship these couples. I just thought the idea of them dating seemed outrageous & never crossed my mind. I can't see it ever happening, but if you do ship them, cool! Enjoy those ships XD

Hojo x Kagome

When was this ever going to happen?!?! XD

# Inuyasha x Kagome

Boss x Bijou

Awww poor Boss, you did love her but she loved Hamtaro XD

There you go! See you next week !

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