5 Easy tricks for learning KPop lyrics


Have you always wanted to get into KPop, but were too intimidated by the language? Don't fret! If you don't speak Korean then learning KPop lyrics may prove to be a bit difficult, but it is definitely possible! With these tips you will soon become a pro! +1 27 Tweet 1. Listen to a song on repeat until you have the melody down. Do this for a day or two. This step is just as important as learning the lyrics! 2. After you have the melody down, look at the Romanized Version of the lyrics as you listen. Just Google the name of the song you want and add "Romanized Lyrics." For example, "Teen Top - I Wanna Love Romanized Lyrics." They should look like they do above. 3. Now that you have the melody down and the words in front of you. You may be thinking, "How do I pronounce these words?" So this step is to observe each word's pronunciation. Some sound a little different than they look. For example in the word, "Saranghagosipeo" the second "s" is pronounced like "sh." 4. You are finally ready to sing along! Keep listening to the song and looking at the lyrics while you listen. Soon you will be able to sing along without even looking! Practice, practice, practice! 5. Reward yourself for all of your hard work and dedication with a delicious snack of your choice! After all of your effort, you deserve some ice cream. It's officially time to celebrate your new skills! After a while, learning KPop lyrics will get easier because you will already know how to say some of the words from other songs! Just give yourself some time, and you will soon become a pro at Kpop Karaoke! What do you do to learn Kpop songs? Comment below!

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