~I Wanna Know What Love Is~ Chapter 2. 18+

Today I had nothing to do so I decided to some cleaning and laundry since Giovanni is with Romeo. Ring.ring.ring. I run to my phone in the living room seeing Lonnie calling me. "Hey Girl.What's up?" "We haven't hung out in awhile.since little man is with Romeo you should get dressed. Come out and hang out with Rico and I." "Alright." "Great.Hurry.We'll be over soon." "Ok." I quickly went to my room walking into the bathroom starting the shower.I got in and began washing my hair and taking a quick shower.Time to get ready.I got out of the shower wrapping my towel around my body and walked to the closet. I went through my dresses and there's too many to choose from. I'll just do my hair and make up and look later.

After 30 minutes and still can't choose. "Gia!" "Room!" In walked my favorite people Rico and Lonnie. "You're always the last to get dressed."Rico said sitting on the bed. "I can't decide on a dress." "I'm on it."Lonnie said searching the closet. "I like this one." "Me too.Now get dressed."Rico said pushing me in the bathroom with the dress. So pushy. I quickly got dressed and we headed off to the club.

"Seriously guys.This club?"I asked as flash backs started coming. "Girl.This the only club that I know security and we can get in free."Rico said. "Fine." I got out the car trying not to think about Jay. We got into the club and headed to the bar for some drinks.I had enough to warm me up and I headed out to the dance floor. I felt someone come up behind me holding my waist. I turned to see Cha Cha. "Boy what you doin in Seattle?"I asked giving him a hug. "Come to see the fam and come to Gio's birthday." "Jay come with you?" "Nah.He had some work to finish but I'm sure he'll make it." "Hope so." "Gio still got Uncle ChaCha." "True." "Now let's party it up." ChaCha and I went to the bar getting some more drinks and began dancing. After a couple hours we all were feeling hungry so we decided to hit up the pizza place near by.They got the best pizza.We stated walking down the street only to stop and hear my name being called. I turned around to see Chase and his friends. "Hey Babe."I said walking towards him. "What do you mean'Hey Babe'.I saw you dancing with him."He said pointing at Cha Cha. "You already know we are just friends." "Didn't look like it.Come on.We're going home." Chase grabbed my arm but I pulled away. "I'm hanging out with them." "Let's go Gia!"He said raising his voice. Ugh! He just has to ruin everything. "It's fine G.We can meet up again."Lonnie said noticing how angry he is getting. "Gia."Rico and Cha Cha said. Lonnie gave them the let her go look and I walked off with Chase and his friends. "We are going to head home.Ill catch up with you guys later."Chase said towards his friends. I can tell he was still mad since he was gripping my waist tight as we were walking towards his car.The ride was silent as he drove gripping his steering wheel tighter then he was around my waist. "Chase."I said trying to get his attention. He wouldn't listen. He pulled up to his house and I followed him inside. Once the front door closed I felt him grab my arm. "You just embarrassed me in front of my friends.Dancing with him.You're mine and you only dance with me.Not some other guy!" "He is just my friend.Get over it!"I yelled trying to get my arm free. Without hesitation he threw me to the ground kicking me in the stomach.I was in shock.I couldn't react.I looked into his eyes to see how dark they looked.Just pitch black emptiness. He grabbed my hair and pulled me into the bathroom kicking me more.I couldn't but start to scream and cry.That night I'll never forget.

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