Unknown Cultural Gems Of Europe

The Old ContinentNovi Sad in Serbia

Athens of SerbiaMuseum of Vojvodina

Montpellier in France


Rijeka in Croatia

Rijeka is mostly known as a main seaport of Croatia and the third largest city of the country. But it is a less know fact that recently Rijeka has been selected as the European Capital Of Culture for 2020. That is not coincidence since it is a city with long and strong history, mostly thanks to its interesting strategic position. And as expected the city is full of architectural and cultural wonders, waiting for you at almost every step while walking through the city core. An object that will steal all your attention is most definitely Capuchin Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. This impressive building, dating from 17th century, is built in neo-Gothic architectural style and represents one of the most treasured cultural objects of Rijeka.

Trsat CastleRent a car in Rijeka

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