Fantasy part 4 (bts 19+)

Hello! I'm bringing up another chapter for fantasy.



I left my practice room a few hours later. My body was sore from dancing so much and falling too. To go back to my apartment and rest sounded like a good idea to me, turn on a drama and relax for an hour before starting dinner for myself. Passing by a room there was a bunch of noise coming from inside. Whoever was inside seemed to be having a lot of fun. It made me wish I actually had friends here to do that with. I knew a few people but they tended to stick by themselves. Actually Namjoon was the only one who had a big group of friend to do things with him. ‘U/N! Is that you?” I heard my name called. I was just about to open the door and leave but I turned back to see Namjoon standing there. Really? I think about him and he appears. I shook my head, just my mind conjuring him up. I turned back to the door and opened it. “Yah! U/N where are you going?” Namjoon called out. I paused again. “Who are you yelling at?” Someone else said. I turned around and there was a group of guys around Namjoon now. “Oh do you know her?” One of the young boys asked pointing to me. “U/N Come over here!” Namjoon was smiling in my direction. “Hi” I said coming over to him. “These your friends?” I asked. “Yes, this is Yoongi, Jin, and Jimin” Namjoon said. I nodded my head. “Nice to meet you” I said. “What are you up to right now?” he asked. “Going home, I’m done with my practice” I said. “You should go eat with us” Jimin said. He moved closer to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. “Come on, if your just going home come with us” he insisted. “Yah!” Namjoon said. “She doesn’t have to come, she could be busy” he said pulling Jimin away from me. He looked annoyed for some reason, but I wasn’t sure why. “Oh please? Please come with us! You can tell us about yourself” Jimin said. He continued to talk me into finally I said yes. Namjoon had pulled me towards him as we left the building, I was pressed against his side as we walked. We ended up going to ramen noodle place. At the table Namjoon on one side of me and Jimin on the other. Jimin’s leg brushed up against mine and I pulled my knees in away from his. “So you are a dancer?” Jimin asked turning towards me. “Yes, Ballet mostly” I said. “Ballet?” he questioned. “Yes.What do you do?” I asked him. “I dance, sing,” he shrugged. “We all do” Jin said. “That’s really cool” I nodded. Jin started to ask me questions about what I was going to school for. Every once in awhile Namjoon would correct my pronunciation of words and I would laugh it off and say the word again looking at him for confirmation. Every time he would help me out I would smile at him and he would give me that wide grin of his which put butterflies in my stomach. I felt his hand on my knee  under the table, shocking me as it slid up my thigh and fingered the bottom of my shorts. His fingers trailed towards upward and he palmed me through my shorts, his thumb putting pressure. I wiggled in my seat as he leaned over and whispered into my ear. “Don’t let them hear” he whispered. I hummed but nodded my head. He continued to press his thumb into me and make circles with his palm. Oh god, I want you to put your fingers in me, Now! I groaned in my head. “I’m teaching her a few things” “Damn right you are” I said in english, Namjoon eyed me shocked, but the other two didn’t know what I just said. “Uh I mean yes, and you're doing a really good job” I said in Korean, rephrasing my words. Crap I was back, but his hand was still where I imagined it. Namjoon was still pressing circles against me making me fidget in my seat. He was looking at Jin, talking to him as if he wasn’t doing anything under the table. My eyes widened at the realization. When it came to actually having this happen, I felt like a freaking chicken. Placing my hand I his I moved it away and stood up. “I’m going to be right back” I said standing up all of a sudden. The three guys looked at me confused. “Bathroom, I’ll be right back” I said. “Thanks for sharing” Jin said. “Your welcome” I chuckled nervously. I left and went outside, fanning myself with my hand. I really needed to settle myself down. I was fine and exhausted after practicing, now I sure as hell wasn’t. I’m going back to practice after this I decided. I kept my agenda for work on my mind as I turned to go back in. I would stay away from any sentences that my mind would turn dirty and sit away from Namjoon.   “You okay?” Namjoon was behind me. I turned in a full circle and stared wide eyed at him. “I saw you come outside” he said. “I just needed air” I said stupidly. “Oh really?” He had that sexy smirk on his face that had my insides melting. “Yesssss” I hissed out. “Are you good now?” he asked. “Yea, um I’m actually going to head back to practice more” I said looking away. Namjoon chuckled. “You just got done with practice. Besides isn’t your body sore?” he questioned making my eyes wide. “No” the word slipped out in a breathe making him chuckle again. “Well before you go back, come back inside and finish your meal” He said holding his hand out towards me. “Fine” I said on a sigh. Avoid contact!

Can’t touch!

I scolded myself as I stepped forward, I knew it was rude as I avoided his hand and walked into the place, Namjoon followed frowning and we went back in. “Should I keep my hands to myself this time?” Namjoon leaned in behind me and whispered into my ear. A shiver went up my back. “Yessss” I hissed at him which made him chuckle again. God, he was aware of what he was doing! Now he was teasing me.



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