~IWKWLI~Chapter 3

I've been siting here icing my face from last night and the bruising just won't go away!! Romeo is going to be dropping off Giovanni soon.Ugh. Maybe Lonnie can pick him up. It'll be easier to hide this from her than him. I grabbed my phone texting Lonnie first and she agreed. Next I texted Romeo so he knows that Lonnie is coming instead. Now I have some time to think of something. Make up? No. Sunglasses? No I'm inside. Maybe a facial sheet mask. Only other thing I got. I headed to my bathroom wiping of some of the water left from the ice and dug around finding my last sheet mask. Thank you! I quickly put it on as I hear the front door open and hear Giovanni calling for me. "Gio.How was uncle Romeo's?"I said picking him up. "Fun.We played football." "That does sound fun.Thank Lon for picking him up." "Girl it's no problem.Loving the mask."She said sitting on the couch. "Thanks.Gotta get my panda on." "No panda." "You don't like it?" "Nope." Without hesitation Giovanni grabbed it off my face and almost all hell broke loose. "What the hell happened to your face!"Lonnie yelled getting a closer look. "Nothing.I'm clumsy." "Clumsy my ass." I set Gio down and sent him to his room. "It was Chase.What else did he do to you?" She grabbed my shirt lifting it up seeing more nasty bruises. "Gia." "Lonnie please." I couldn't help but feel my eyes water as the flashbacks of last night coming back. "Please what.I'm calling Romeo or Jay.Someone." "No please don't." "Why are you trying to protect him.He basically beat the crap outta you. And you talking about no please don't.Gia fuckin think!" "I am.I can't help that I fell for him." "I liked him and now he does this to you.Gia you know this isn't love right.You're my best friend and I don't want any man treating you like this.I can see why Romeo never wants to be around when you mention Chase or when Chase comes around." "I know,but who is even going to want me.I'm a single mother." "Gia who cares.I need to leave.I will keep this a secret only for you to woman up and get away from him or ask for help.You better do it fast. I won't keep it for long." Lonnie walked out slamming the door shut and I fell to my knees crying.I don't know what to do when my hearts wants him but I know I should leave. "Mommy.Don't cry."Gio said wrapping his tiny arms around my neck giving me a kiss on the cheek.I pulled him into a hug holding him tight and close.

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