Decisions Pt.7 The Aftermath (RE-DONE)

**Y/n P.O.V**

You don't remember much after the loud screeches, but you knew that you felt pain. A type of pain that no one could really ut into words. It was like your chest was bleeding, and your body breaking. That was the best way to describe it.

You weren't even sure if, in that moment, you were awake or not. You tried to open your eyes, but it felt like a million rocks were keeping them shut. So you decided to focus on sounds.

All you heard was screaming....people yelling


??: "Is she okay?! IS ANYONE AROUND A DOCTOR?!"

??: "Y/n?! Y/N!! WAKE UP< PLEASE WAKE UP!!!"

Sobs coming from every corner, bu you couldnt even recgonize the voices. You started to feel yourself fall into a dee sleep. All those voices started to sound more & more far away. **Maybe this is death?** you thought, as you start to feel cold. You tried bringing pictures to your head, but all you could see was his smile. The sobs outside drained out, to the memories of his laughter. Your heart, that was slowing down, began to feel like it was pounding.

You tried opening one eye, but the only thing you could do was move your hand.

You reached over, and felt someone. You didn't even know who it was, it could have been a complete stranger for all you knew. You dind't care, you grabbd, what felt lke their knee, and the leaned in closer to you. You parted your lips to try and speak, but the only words you could muster were

Y/n: "Y-oongi......K-kookie...."

And you fell asleep. You felt as you hadn't slept for a moment in your life. You let the feeling of the cold evelope you, and you rested, for the first time in your life, you rested.


While you were running to the guy's dorm, you felt your chest tighten. You had a very bad case of axiety, and the entire situation made it hard for you to breathe. The fact that you deicded to run there was no help either. Your vision began to become a little blurry, so you decided to stop, and take a breather. Thinking you were on the sidewalk you just stayed out, but the anxiety grew worse. Then you heard a loud screeching, collapsing to the floor you start screaming.

Yelling Jungkook's name, your eyes now fully closed tears spilling out one after the other. You hear people scattering, yelling


After that, you went blank.

****End Y/N Flashback****

****Jungkook's P.O.V****

RM: "Jungkook, an abulance is on it's way right now, so you can relax for now okay?"


That plane had just flew above our heads, but it shook everything, and caused several accidents......why did y/n have to be in one of them.....

S: "Jungkook, the abulace will take care of her it will be okay...."

Hesitation in Yoonig's voice as he spoke...knowing that I was still pissed at him for sleeping with her. I should hate her too, but I don't think I can, she's amazing to me.

JK: "Hyung, just shut up right now will you."

The amount of sterness in my voice, was enough for him to back away from her and myself right now. I am sure he was close enough to her earlier to hear her calling my name right before she got hit, and I KNOW that had to have hurt him. Even thought I still was drunk the moment I heard her scream my name I ran to her.

****Jungkook's Flashback****

"I always loved aeroplanes....."


*Y/N?! IS THAT Y/N?!* I jumped out of the stool I was in, looking outside. I know I'm drunk, but that had to be y/n yelling my name. I ran out tge door, looking side to side. I take a couple steps out, and heard that screech. I looked up, seeing the plane looking as if it was about to crash right into us. I turned my focus back to the street looking for y/n, and the moment I turn my head to the right I see her. I start to run to her, and right as i get close I see a truck swerving towards her.


I bolt towards her as fast as i can, but I was too drunk to run straight. I trip onto the street sign, and the car hit her. She rolls a couple of feet on the floor, and her body looks limp. My eyes grew wide, and filled with tears, as I run to her in the middle of the street.

****End Jungkook's Flashback****

****Yoongi''s P.O.V****

"God dammit where is this f*cking abulance at!"

RM: "There is probably a lot of accidents right now, so relax. They will be here as soon as they can."

I smack my lips at his comment, kneeling down next to y/n. Iknow he is just trying to help me, but she's hurt. Her body feels so cold, and there is blood, and dirt, all over her. A tear flows donw my cheek, as I stroke a eice of hair and tuck it behind her ear.

"I'm sorry y/n....this is all my fault"

I quietly sob to myself.

JK: "Hyung, I think it is best right now if we don't hang around y/n together."

I wipe tears from my cheeks, and clear my throat.

"You're probably right Jungkook. She doesn't need any stress when she wakes up."

JK: "Okay, good. then you will agree with me on this then. I'm going to be with her in the abulance to the hospital, and I'll wait for her to wake up there too. You and Namjoon go home, and make sure the others are okay. After that, you guys can come meet us at the hospital."

I held my breath for a minute....I didn't want him to ride with you. I wanted to be with you every step of the way, I wanted to see to it that the doctors took the best possible care of you. I looked down at you, tears forming again.

Jk: "I know you don't want her to be with me, but I'm not asking you for permission. I AM going with her."

I nod my head, regretfully agreeing to Jungkook's plan. Seems I didn't have a choice in the matter though.

****Yoongi Flashback****

We seen her on the floor yelling, and we tried to run toawrds her, but it was too late. The sound of the palne had disoriented us, and that ruck was aiming right for her. We would never have got to you in time. Namjoon, had covered my body with his as I fell covering my ears from the loud screeching, and we both fell to our knees. When we finally looked up, you were laying on the floor face up, with blood all over your body. I ran to you as fast as my feet would let me, but Jungkook got to you first.

****End Yoongi Flashback****

I know it was FOREVER since I updated this fic, but I FINALLY got a Pc so I am going to be updating a lot more now!!!! Before I was just using my laptop, but i died on me ;------;. So I saved my money for a PC just for you guys :)))) I decided to re-write the 7th chapter, because I felt the last one didn't do it justice. I hope you guys enjoy it. And if you would like to read parts 1-6 they will be in my Collection labled "Decisions", as well as my "Fics" collection. Again, i am sorry it has been a while, this IS a filler chapter, just tp re-cap a bit and let you know where the story may be headed. Okay I love you guys, and I hope you enjoy :)))<3

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