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Ever dream about riding a Light Cycle from the movie "Tron"? Put these reflective decals on your bicycle by FLIKS:Reflective and you'll look the part as you cycle down the street.

I've used these on my bikes the last few years (I've included a couple of shots of my older Cannondale which I used two different colors on the rims to match the paint scheme).

They are incredibly effective in making you highly visible in low light conditions.

Just a note - each sheet does both sides of a single rim. So when ordering - you need to order two sheets if you want to do both front and back rims on both sides.

Add light to these decals and they immediately reflect an enormous amount of light back at the source.

And as you can see - hit these decals with a direct light source (such as the flash on your phone's camera) and they explode with bright light.

I got pulled over by a police officer early one morning and his question was "Where did you get those Tron wheels?" I showed him they were decals and where to get them - he was stoked - he was going to order some for his kid's bikes.

Safety - especially in this day and age of unaware texting drivers - cannot be under valued.





I cut the edges of the decals to give them a seamless appearance with the Hollowgram wording on the rims.

I also cut and placed decals on my rear TT/Tri seat bottle holders, the base of my seat post (which makes a good height marker for where your post should be placed if you ever have to remove it), in the recesses of my Easton EC90SL carbon stem, and on the base of my Garmin Edge computer mount.



These wheel decals have been on this bike nearly 3 years now. They are incredibly durable. After thousands of miles in all sorts of weather they are still going strong.

Check them out -

I'm a director of photography (cinema), commercial illustrator, & Nikon Professional Photographer. I'm the Founder of - Cyclists Against Coronary Artery Disease.
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