Business Pleasure: Simon Birthday


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When money mixes business with pleasure, putting you at high risk of losing everything you work so hard for, even though he gets to keep everything. So what you gonna do? Put your foot down? Or will you let it all fall apart...


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~(Y/N Pov)~

I was in my office working on a finanical budge so AOMG could finally have their own business cards, and a personal bank card that sent their royalities to where they belong. I had been working here at AOMG for over a few weeks now, and have finally met all members of AOMG and AOM.

LocoUgly Duck

Loco came strolling into my office, but I remain focus on my work, as he sat on my desk and watched what I was doing over my shoulder. "Can I help you?" I glanced at him and he just shook his head and kept watching. He started sighing and whimpering, resulting in me pushing him lightly, and granting my full attention his way. "What's up, Hyuk Woo oppa." He just gave me a big smile, that always warm my heart.

"Are you almost done?" I raised and eyebrow, while swaying in my chair. "If I say no, are you gonna stay here and keep bothering me?" He nodded his head lightly, making me giggle at how cute this man was being. I saved everything I was doing to the drive and to my flashdrive, before locking the computer and the flashdrive with my bag. "What are you doing?" I looked over at the confused Hyuk Woo, as he watched me.

I just smiled at him, before getting up and taking his hand. "You wanted my attention for something. I'm giving it to you. I can always finish that at home." Hyuk Woo bless me with his cute puppy love eye smile. He then got up, and guide me over to the lounge. Chacha was standing while talking to Ju Kyung, whom was sitting down on the couch. Pumkin was on the long couch, with a laptop on his lap and headphones on his head.

Wegun was in the studio with Seonghwa working on something, as the others were still outside the building. When I walked in with Hyuk Woo, I had gain ChaCha's and Ju Kyung's attention. Ju Kyung reach over and moved one side of Pumkin's headphones so he could hear. "Ah, you did manage to get her to join us." ChaCha said as he came over to me, taking my hand away from Hyuk Woo, into his own.

"We need help with something... You think you could give us that lady's touch. To be honest with you, we would had asked Hoodie, but her schedule is to pack, that its hard to get her attention."

I nodded my head, knowing that it was the truth myself. I sighed heavily, and gave a light smile. "And what could that be, sweetheart Chase." He grinned, and kissed my hand, before having me sit beside Pumkin. I looked over at the laptop to see he was still working away on a new mix.

"Remind me later to by you a work laptop, so you can spend more time with us here, instead of that stuffy office space." Ju Kyung commented, as he pointed to my office behind the indoor glass window.

"I have a laptop, I just like my 'stuffy office space'." Hyuk Woo, ChaCha and even Pumkin chuckled at my comeback. Ju Kyung just shook his head, and sighed whilst smiling. Pumkin put his laptop on my lap, as I noticed he open up wordpad so I could see that they were trying to plan Simon's birthday party.

"Oh you want me to help you plan a party? What kind of party are you going for?" They all looked at each other, before Pumkin looked over at me. "We wanted it to be a surprise party, but with out schedules, and Simon's. Its gonna be hard for us to even make it a surprise, let alone plan a normal party."

I hummed as I looked over the ideas they had so far, and honestly they all sucked. The ideas together didn't make sense what so ever. "How about I plan the surprise party and you all just help me out than. This way we can make sure we get to throw this surprise party. I'm used to planning parties after all, back when I was in my country, England." Chacha looked at me like I had lost my mind.

"Wait you're british! With your accent I though you were America."

I giggled softly and waved my hand at him lightly. "That cause I went to under-grad school in America, before coming to South Korea for grad-school." He simply nodded his head, and seem to understand how I picked up the accent. I copy all their ideas over to my I-Phone before I handed Pumkin back his lap top.

Planning Simon's surprise birthdaty party wasn't that hard to do actually. All the boys had to do was distract Simon and keep him busy, while slightly lying to him that their gift to him was a trip to his home town, Busan.

It wasn't much of a lie though since it was going to be in Busan. I mainly wanted it in his hometown, so I could manage to get his family involved in the party. It wasn't hard to do so, because the moment I had called up his parents. Simon's mother had answered the phone, and I told her what we where trying to do. She was more than happy to help me out in planning for Simon's party.

I even had actually left a good two weeks ahead of them, so I can meet his family, and personally plan it out with her. Simon's family was so warm and loving, that they greeted me with open arms. It mostly his mother and I planning the party, with his baby brother, Ki-Hoon, would help when he could. His father on the other hand was too busy with work to be able to fully help us, but he sent support when he could.

Simon's mother and I had gotten a local bar to rent out completely, and hired a bartender, I got in touched with all of Simon's closest friends, that were more than happy to come. Jay was in charged of getting the girls, so I wouldn't be in an awkward postion about it. I text the address, date, and time to have them come. I felt blessed that we got the bar rented out on Simon's actual birthday, and that the AOMG crew wasn't schedule to do anything so we had a four day weekend in his hometown.

His mother and I had made all the food the whole day before, than brought it over to the bar the next day. We were decorating, when Ki-Hoon came in to help us out. "Y/N." I had turn around to look at Ki-Hoon, whilst he was untanging some ribbon.

"Are you sure you aren't his girlfriend? Cause you have spent quite a lot of time with us and planning this for him."

I giggled softly at him and nodded my head. "Yes I am sure, Kiseok oppa is just a really good friend that happens to be one of my bosses. Plus I was asked by the whole crew to help plan this, since I had the most free time." Ki-Hoon just nodded his head and hum.

Their mother came over to me and held my arm lightly. "Well why not think about it. I would love to have you as a daugther. You're very smart, and pretty, as well as kind and loving." I felt fluster as she complimented me. All I could was give a nervous laugh. I didn't want to break her heart further by telling her I have a dating ban from my actual work place. Hell if I could date anyone in AOMG I think Jay would of had his way by now. My phone had binged, and I ran over to look at it.

Text From NaughtyPark,Text From NaughtyPark,

"We're on our way over, with the girls. You got 20 minutes if not less."

I text back that I got it, and started getting everything that wasn't done, finished. Simon's father had join us, before they got here, as I got them all to hide. I went and turn off the lights the moment Jay had texted me that they were coming around the corner.

We waited for Simon to come into the building first, as he turn on the light. His family and I join the front line of the group so he saw them first.


He looked at all of us completely shocked, with a huge grin plaster along his lips. His parents when over to give him love, as Ki-Hoon went over to give his brother a hiphop type of hug. I handed Simon's favorite bottle if alcohol to Jay and signal him to give it to him. Pumkin, and Wegun made their way over to the DJ booth, and started playing music. Luckly I was able to set up their equipment without anyone's help.

Jay had gone over to Simon and handed him the bottle. while talking close enough that he could hear. Hyuk Woo and Ju Kyung stole my attention so they could praise me for all the planning and decorationg as well as the food. I told them to go thank Simon's mother too since she help me so much. They didn't hesitate to do so, as Simon came over to me.

I looked up at him, as he pulled me into his embrass. I blinked, completely caught off guard and confused.

"Thank you, Y/N. Forever everything, so please don't hide behind the others. I want to be able to thank the right person." He whispered into my ear.

I felt myself become flustered again, whilst smiling and patting his back. "You're welcome, I didn't intend to hid, just glad to see you are happy." I spoke softly, as he pulled away from me slowly. "I swear I'm gonna find a way to brake that dating ban you boss put up on you. So I can steal you from Jay." He winked, before he was stolen away from me, by one of the girls Jay brought with them.


I ended up just sitting on stool at the bar, simple drinking water, since I knew someone had to be sober and look out for all of them, other than Hoodie unnie. Even though she was drinking with them all as well.

It was normal for me to be a wall-flower. I wasn't much of a drinker, especially since I really didn't have that many friends, or gone out much. After high school, I was too focus on getting my masters and building my career to even act my own age. Mostly though it was cause I felt unwelcome when I did go out, cause their would always be some catch as to why I would at that event.

Simon seem to have noticed I wasn't really enjoying myself at the party, and came over to me. "Dance with with." I blinked at him, as he took my free hand, and pulled me away from my bottle of water. He spun me around before coming behind me, and holding my waist, so we was swaying to the music. "There we go, now you look like you're having fun." He whispered into my ear softly.

I looked down, knowing that he was making my flustered once again, this time on purpose. "I know about Jay's attempt to get you to go out with him. Jay and I aren't the only ones in the company that want to go on a date with you either. I highly suggest taking the risk. You might find a whole new side to you. And like it."

Simon was smirking as I glance back at him. "Simon oppa, come dance with me." A girl begged cutely for him, and he winked at me, before granting her request. I found my way back to the stool at the bar.

His words were haunting me, meaning me confused even more than before.

I think I'm gonna need a girls night out with Hoodie. She could help clear my fog away.



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