Boys24 Semi-Finals Are Coming Up

On March 5th new Units will be revealed with new Leaders!

I swear I'm going to cry if Doha, Youngdoo, Louoon, Jinseok, Hongin, and Issac aren't in the final lineup! I love all the boys and I'll be sad to see any of them go but I need those mentioned above to debut.

Everyone let's put the negative stuff about Hwayoung behind us and not let it change your perspective on the boys because Hwayoung gave up on probably the biggest opportunity of his lifetime but the other boys have been working so hard to get where they are!

Anyways I think the final lineup will anywhere from 7-13 out of the (now) 27 members.

If you watched the show then you already know the process in which everyone else has been eliminated. It looks like as of now the Four Units (Yellow, White, Green, and Sky) are splitting up again. This time new leaders are appointed to the units (I'm unsure on how many units there will be, and how many members per unit as of yet.)

Here are the countdown videos:

This is Sunghyun (formerly of Unit White.) He is one of the Leaders of a new Unit.

Here we have Inho (formerly of Unit White.) He's going to be a Leader of a new Unit as well!

Despite no member being present in this video Doha (formerly of Unit White)(my babe!) was the one who created it. He will be a Leader (again, as he was formerly the Leader of White) for a new Unit.

This is Sungoh (also known as BC)(formerly of Unit Green.) He will be a Leader of a new Unit.

As of now there aren't anymore videos. But I will be posting again once more of them are out!

To learn more about the remaining 27 members in Boys24 click here,here, and here.


Please support these boys and give them love!

If you have any questions about the boys or how Boys24 works let me know, I'll be happy to help out for I know about all of them!

If you'd liked to be tagged in the future Boys24 cards I do let me know!

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