When Jak Met Jiyong Part 23

WARNING: Adult Situations/Humor

A few days later her phone rings a little before 5.

“Evening beautiful, dinner tonight?”


“Plan on staying over.”

“Ha ha okay”

“I have a surprise for you in the morning, or tonight if you can’t wait that long.”

“Oh rreeeally?!?!? You know I don’t like surprises.”

“You’ll like this one.”

“Why? Is it you? Because that really wouldn’t be a surprise… I mean parts of it would be, well, okay all of it technically would be since we haven’t yet but it still wouldn’t be a surprise since … you know what? I’m just gonna stop.”

All she can hear on the other end of the phone is laughter.

“Rude. Since you find that so funny, I definitely now know that isn’t the surprise or do you find the thought of having sex with me hilarious?”

The laughter stops. “Whoa. Hold on, how did that change so fast? You know damn well how I feel about that.” He begins to growl over the phone. “Jak, we will definitely discuss that later, when I can get my hands on you. Until then, what did you wear to the shoot?”

“Not sure if I’m mad at you or not, I’m still deciding.”


She lets out a dramatic sigh, “Fine. What I always wear, leggings and a shirt. What did I sprout a wardrobe over night that I don’t know about and where would I keep it for heavens sakes? My purse? Babe I’m tiny but I ain’t that small.”

“I’ll have something sent over to JiHye’s, be my good girl and wear it for me okay? I’ll be there to pick you up around 6.”

Jak barks into the phone and pants. She hears his sigh and smiles in victory.



“You’re going to regret this you know that right?”

She starts whimpering like a sad puppy into the phone.

“Lord woman, sometimes I think you are certifiable. Why do I do this to myself?”

Jak whispers into the phone, “Because you like the way I lick your face and wag my tail.”

There's a cough and a gruff, “6 o’clock, if I don’t come after you sooner.”

By 5:30 a package arrives and Jak opens it to find a pair of ripped jeans, high heels, and a name brand off the shoulder sweater with fur.


She smiles, shrugs, grabs the items and runs into the bathroom for a quick change and touch up. She has Jiyong’s timing down now and is just about to apply her lipstick when her phone pings. Glancing down she sees his text.

MLT: No lipstick

THM: What? Why not?

MLT: We still have something to discuss.

THM: And that involves my lipstick?

MLT: NO LIPSTICK 5 minutes out

THM: Whatever

MLT: Are you wearing what I sent over?

THM: Nope I’m naked

She waits a few minutes, doesn’t receive a reply and texts back.

THM: I was JOKING, wow someone's in a mood. Of course I have on the clothes you sent over, aren’t I the good little dog?”

MLT: I can’t talk to you, is JiHye home?

THM: Nope, she had a shoot she had to be at until 7 why?

There’s a sudden pounding on the front door, Jak looks at her phone than over at the door. She walks over and looks through the peep hole to find Jiyong standing there. She opens the door quizzically, with her head tilted taking in the messy hair and the crooked tie.

She holds up her phone, “If you were just right here, why were you texting?”

She backs up at the look in his eyes as he raises his head. He says nothing, simply walks in the door, slams it shut behind him and crooks his finger at her.

Her eyes grow big and she shakes her head, still backing away. “Unh uh, you look like you’re going to hurt me.”

He snatches her wrist before she can move any further away, yanks her forward and presses her back against the door.

“I’m wound up enough right now with your teasing, I just might." He leans in closer until his hot breath is on her lips, "But I promise you, we'll both enjoy it.”


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