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hey there everyone I know it's been awhile seen I updated this story but don't worry I'll be working on this one and my rapson one OKAY! ^_^ also sorry if this chapter short lol.

it's been nearly a month since Youngjae had moved in with Jackson. throughout this month Youngjae hardly left his bedroom the only time he did was when he left to school, dinner and to shower. At first Jackson would knock and tell him to come out but Youngjae refused. eventually Jackson unlocked the door and dragged him out. that day Youngjae cried so much as he begged for jackson to let him go as Jackson dragged him down the hall. in frustration Jackson let him go and shouted that he wasn't going to do anything to Youngjae as long as he ate dinner with him. Youngjae nod his head and started to eat with Jackson every day but afterwards he'd ran back upstairs and into his room. Jackson felt bad and annoyed all at once but he didn't want to make Youngjae uncomfortable that want Jackson intentions. Honestly Jackson didn't mean to do those filthy things to youngjae. But something came over Jackson, the exotic facial expressions youngjae made the lustful moan that slip out of those fade pink lips of his. Most of all the innocence that linger within youngjae pure black eyes, they called toward Jackson they mocked him, taunt him, teased and tested his patience. They cried  to Jackson  like a cry for help ‘come and taint me Mr Wang’ was what they whispered. At least in Jackson twisted fantasy. But Jackson didn't want youngjae to fear him, he wanted youngjae by his side like old times. To see that sweet, sincere smile of youngjae his dorky laugh that made Jackson smile unconditionally.  

Jackson let out a heavy sigh and rubbed the back of his neck. This big house still felt so big and empty even this youngjae here.

“Master wang?” a servant called

“hmm?” Jackson hummed in response.

“the young master choi refuse to come out his room again.”

Jackson rolled his eyes and rubbed the temple of his nose. “alright don't worry about it.” said Jackson.

The Servant bowed and exited the dining room. Jackson sat silently in his seat his index finger tapping onto the glass table, Youngjae was really testing his patient. Jackson grab his cell phone and brought up youngjae contacted.

Jackson: come down here and eat dinner youngjae Now.

Message sent…


Jackson ball his fist at the fact that youngjae did not respond to the text. Jackson gave youngjae one more chance and sent another message with the some text… nothing… Jackson slammed the palm of his hands onto the table standing up from his feet and making his way up stairs.

Meanwhile youngjae laid curled up in his bed under his bed sheets. Youngjae wanted to go back home he hated here it felt like a prison to Youngjae. The memories of that night continued to play in youngjae mind, Jackson cold and large hands touching his body. The feeling of Jackson lips gently brushed over his neck and the sound of his voice echoed in youngjae ear. Youngjae hated every single moment of it yet his body showed other ways.

“it's wrong and disgusting…” youngjae whispers under his breath.

Curling back up into the fetal position and hugging his knees youngjae sob silently. When suddenly a knock was heard from his bedroom door. Youngjae sat up and stared nervously at the door. The air thicken a knot from in youngjae stomach, he gulped. Another knock was heard again two more slowly the knock got heavy louder and more intense. Youngjae stayed seated watching silently nearly holding in his breath. The knocks turn to banging the door trembled from the strong and forceful hit.

Jackson muffled voice was heard from the other side of door. “Youngjae! I know you're in there open this door!”

Youngjae slowly stood to his feet but didn't not move closer. “Choi YoungJae! I said to open this door immediately!” Jackson shouted.

Step closer.

“YoungJae! Open this damn fucking door!”

Two step closer..

The banging on the door just got stronger Jackson voice got rougher, “Open the fucking door! YoungJae!”

Youngjae was only a few inches away from the wooden door. He could hear Jackson heavy panting from the other side.

“I just want to eat dinner with you…” said Jackson

Youngjae eyes peaked through the slit in between the door that allowed him to see Jackson a bit.

“I hate eating alone… I just want you to eat dinner with me youngjae… please” Jackson voice became softer.

Silence fill upon them, youngjae slowly reaching for the door knob, “I know I scared you I know you hate me,” said Jackson.

Youngjae could see Jackson staring down at the ground. “i know you don't want to be around me”

Youngjae brought his hand back down by his side. It was true he didn't want to be around Jackson nor did he want to see him or even breath the same air as Jackson. Jackson humiliated youngjae, there no way youngjae could just push something like that to side and act like nothing happen. The door knob shook suddenly causing youngjae to step back a bit.

“I won't do it again... “ said Jackson “I won't disappoint you again just please speak to me youngjae.”

Tears form in youngjae eyes he wasn't sure if he could truly believe Jackson words. It felt like the men speaking to him wasn't the same man youngjae first met at his sister wedding.  Jackson felt like a stranger to youngjae someone untrustworthy and scary.

Jackson became impatience and angry causing him to banging on the door again and twist and turn the golden door knob. YoungJae flinched and step back farther away while Jackson shouted and banged on the door. Demanding youngjae to open the door before he kick it open himself. YoungJae back up against the wall gripping onto his shirt nervously.

“I'll give you to the count of 3” Jackson warned


Youngjae heart pound


Youngjae held his breath


He shut his eyes tightly. But nothing was heard not a loud bang or slam not a knock or the sound of breathing. YoungJae peak open on eye still gripping onto his own shirt then release his grip becoming a bit more calm. YoungJae let down his guard and walked over toward the door. But before getting close enough the door come swinging open slamming hard against the wall. YoungJae drop to the ground his arm covering his face from any possible broken piece that flew. Jackson barged into  Youngjae room looking from him and spotting him on the ground. Jackson rushed towards him and grabbing onto his wrist. YoungJae tried to yank his hand away but Jackson grip was tight and firm.

“get up!” Jackson order yanking onto youngjae wrist more.

Youngjae shook his head no trying to pull his arm away.

“I said get the fuck up! YoungJae!” Jackson shouted

“No! Let me go!” youngjae cried

Jackson release youngjae wrist and crouched down to his level, meeting youngjae eye to eye. Jackson gripped onto youngjae collar pulling him in closer. YoungJae tried to pull away but Jackson lifted youngjae up his feet still hold his grip on the younger collar. YoungJae grab a hold of Jackson arms trying his hardest to break free.

“Look at me!” said Jackson.

Youngjae refused and turn his face to the side avoid Jackson eyes, “I said to look at me you piece of shit!” Jackson shouted angrily his voice nearly trembling.

“No!” youngjae cried out

This angered Jackson even more causing him to grab a hold of youngjae jaw and pulling him closer their faces just an inch apart.

“I've tried to be patient with you youngjae” Jackson began to explain his eyes burning with anger. “i tried to be nice to your fuck ass but you wouldn't listen!”

“I have no reason to ever listen to you!” youngjae holler

“you unmanned good for nothing piece of shit! Do you have any idea where you are at!” Jackson growled

“this is my home my place my territory and anything and anyone that step a foot in here below to me”

Youngjae eyes widen his felt like his heart was in his throat Jackson tone of voice was rough and deep. His grip was tight hurting youngjae jaw.

“you belong to me now choi youngjae!”

“I don't belong to anyone” youngjae scoffed

Jackson release his hold and shoved youngjae against the bed claiming on top and pinning youngjae wrist down above his head.

“you are mine  whether you like it or not do you hear me!”

“let me go!”

“you do as I say!”

“I said to let me go Jackson!”

“You are my pet! This is my palace! You follow my order! My every command!” Jackson barked

“fuck you!” youngjae curse under his breath but still loud enough for Jackson to hear him.

Jackson lean in close to youngjae face grabbing a hold.of his jaw again and pulling him into a deep rough kiss.

Youngjae broke away from the kiss and glare at the man above him “don't you ever touch me!”

Jackson smirked “I can do whatever I want your body belong to me now. I'm your master now do you understand!”

Youngjae shoved Jackson off trying to escaped but two servant pop out of nowhere blocking youngjae way. YoungJae turn to face Jackson a sat on his bed leg cross over on the other and smirk upon his face.

“go ahead try to run away youngjae”

Jackson stood up and walk pass the younger and stop beside him. “and if you're thinking about calling your sister for help that won't help either” Jackson said and proceed to walk away.

Youngjae arched a brow a bit confused. “they already knew about this too youngjae… your own family betrayed you” Jackson addressed.

“they would never do such a thing!” youngjae defended

Jackson walked around pulling a sheet of paper out of his pocket and showing it to youngjae.

“you see this?” Jackson pointed at the paper

“it's a contract stating ownership”

Youngjae read which word carefully his heart drop to his stomach he couldn't believe what he was reading. His own family give him away to a man no- a monster.

Jackson lean in close to youngjae ear and whispered “you're my pet now choi youngjae”

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