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Firstly, thank you so much for doing this giveaway! It's super sweet of you all! @dalyromero

Here are my answers:

1. What is their debut day? February 23, 2016 2. What is their Debut song? Hide and Seek 3. What is the date of their first TV Show appearance? To Be Continued - August 20, 2015 ASTRO Ok Ready - February 19, 2016 4. When did they appear on Weekly Idol? June 22, 2016 Along with 4TEN and KNK November 30, 2016 just by themselves 5. What is the title of their debut album ? "Spring Up" 6. Who is the leader? JinJin 7. What is their average age? 18.7 8. Who is the oldest? MJ 9. Who is the youngest? Sanha 10. What are their birthdays? (Order from Oldest to Youngest) MJ (March 5, 1994) JinJin (March 15, 1996 ) Eunwoo (March 30, 1997 ) Moonbin (January 26, 1998) Rocky (February 25, 1999) Sanha (March 21, 2000 ) 11. Do they have positions such as Main Vocal or Sub Vocal? What are they? MJ- Main Vocals, Oldest JinJin- Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer Eunwoo- Sub Vocals, Visual Moonbin- Lead Vocals, Lead Dancer Rocky- Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Sometimes Vocals Sanha- Lead Vocals, Maknae 12. How many songs do they have? 20 songs including 고백 Talk and Winter Album 13. When did you start being an AROHA? I had heard of them 3 months after their drama "To Be Continued" had been released. I was really fascinated with Sanha when he sang "The Manuel and when I saw Rocky dancing. I had decided to do more research on them and I became hooked with all of them the more I did research and saw their videos they would released on Fantagio iTeen and their little videos of ASTRO Play they would released when they filmed To Be Continued.

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