♡ Gorgeous Takuya Thursday ♡

Hello Candies!!! Hope this week is going well for you.

This week theme is favorite hair style...

When I first saw Takuya he was a blonde...his character from The Lover

Oh I fell in love immidately....I thought it was Mark until I saw his beauty mark...and since then I've called him my prince because he looks like a prince from a manga. I like this color of blonde on him, but bleach blonde or platinum are not my favorites.


But his dark black hair he's super sexy. this man can work any hairstyle, I'd love to see him with long hair...like if he was dressed as a traditional Japanese style and even Korean style he could melt the hearts of many...

I've been a fan girl all my life, and i'm the motherly type of fan girl I want to support and take care of the artists I respect and love all my artists. I love anime and Asian culture. I'm a shy person until I get comfortable and then I'm like the annoying never shut up child. I'm mature and immature at the same time. I love Kpop and J rock/pop and dramas.
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