Vingle Could Use Your Help!

Hi Vingle Family, we're trying something new!

This month, we will be testing a new style of the main feed on the Vingle app. Currently when you look at your feed there are two columns of content, but we'd like to test out one column!



We want to show that a card is much more than the small info you're seeing right now.

Here's what the new feed will look like:

More images will show, GIFs will play automatically, and more of the card will be on display. It will give each piece of content the attention it deserves.

But here's where we need your help!

this isn't a permanent change right now.

Apply to be a tester!

fill out this form

We'll let you know about the update and then you can test it out. Let us know your thoughts by pressing "Feedback" in the Settings menu of the app. Whether you love it or hate it, let us know!

There is always an option to switch back to the two column feed in Advanced Settings but we encourage you to keep the one column if you apply as a tester, at least until the test is finished.

This will not affect how you view your communities at all!

Thank you Vinglers!

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