Hi Diary, It's Me ~Entry Twenty-Six~


Thanks guys for waiting for me to get back to this series as it has been a bit! But here is an entry for you on your Saturday!

II hhooppee yyoouu eennjjooyy iitt!!!! ;;

Need a recap? Or new to the story? I gotchu~

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Hi Diary,

Oh how I missed you!! I felt so alone without you...

It was weird not being able to talk to the one thing I could trust. I mean even though you helped in humiliating me... it wasn't your fault. IU violated and used you against me. And it's okay. Well not the violating part but you know what I mean...


A lot of things have happened since I talked to you Diary. 

For one, Jongup ended up spending the night at my house last night which was completely unexpected. He was actually the one who got you back to me. 

He is also the friend I have been telling you about. The dancer? Yeah...

But the worst part was that he even tried to make a move on me. Like my god, you should have seen me. I looked like a fish trying to swim on land - just flailing around everywhere.

I got away and just went to my room and hid. No way was that happening last night. Nopety nope nope. But, this morning, he did apologize. Which was nice.

(well as far as he knows)

He then said that everyone would probably understand if I didn't go to the company today and after thinking about it...yeah. It might be better not to. 

Let everything sink in for one day and then try tomorrow. Hopefully.

''HHeeyy,, yyoouurr wwrriittiinngg wwaass ggrroossss aanndd ppeerrvveerrtteedd aanndd wwee ddoonn''tt aallllooww ppeerrvveerrttss ssoo yyoouu ggoonnee ssuucckkaaaa..

So yeah...just watching some korean dramas. Did I ever mention that I am OBSESSED with Flower Boy Next Door? Because it is my like 50th time rewatching it.

Maybe it's because I relate to the main lead by how I was just watching Yongguk all the time instead of interacting with him. 

Wow...that was too real...

Well...I am just gonna watch that the rest of the night, so wish me luck tomorrow and I will let you know how it goes! 

Love you and glad to have you back :*



Ahh, gotta love the refreshing Arya!

TThhaannkkss ffoorr rreeaaddiinngg aanndd sseeee yyoouu aallll ssoooonn

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