Two for one sale Part 4:

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Namjoon x Reader x Jackson

Word Count: 1035 (Sorry, it's a bit short. I was out of town and got behind in my writing.)



Are you busy, tomorrow?

I paused. Just tomorrow in general? I asked myself.


Not, really. Why?


I was wondering if you would like to hang out with us? We’re going to go do stuff around Seoul. I thought maybe we could show you around town


Sure, but who’s ‘we’?



I couldn’t help, but to laugh. I couldn’t believe this was happening.


We haven’t had a lot of time off recently, but we got the weekend off and I thought you would like to meet them.

This is actually happening. Wow, okay.


Yeah, sounds fun. I would love to meet the boys.

Namjoon and I texted each other a little more, which I was kind of grateful for because I needed to stay up. Jackson sent me a Goodnight text and I sent one in response. I got to the point where I was getting tried, so I told Namjoon that I would see him and the boys tomorrow. I had to prepare myself for tomorrow. It was easy for me to handle my inner fangirl today because I just kept telling myself that it was a dream, but having all of them there in front of me was going to be hard. I laid down and left myself dose off to sleep within a few minutes.

When I woke to my alarm, which was set to make sure I wouldn’t totally oversleep and not have enough time to get dressed, I felt refreshed and quite ready for who I was going to see today.

I got up, slowly stretching, and then quickly got into the shower. I didn’t want to stink the first time I meet the boys. I took my morning pills, did my hair into some loose curls and my makeup light and natural with a light pink lip color. For my outfit, I choose a black crop top that draped over my boobs, leaving a bit of my stomach showing and some ripped, high waisted jeans. I shuffled through my shoes trying to fine my left matching shoes that was a pair of black based, flower printed, flats. Finally finding my shoe’s twin, I slid them on over my no-show socks. I checked my nightstand clock and saw I still had plenty of time before they were picking me up, so I went through all the purses that I brought with me, which were a select few because I didn’t want to bring my entire closet with me to Korea.

I settled on my small black clutch and transferred everything over from the purse that I was using yesterday to the clutch. I grabbed my phone and saw that Jackson had texted me a few minutes ago.


Hey, good morning. I hope you got some good sleep and I was wondering if you would like to grab dinner with the guys and I tonight?

I froze. What do I say? How long am I going to be with BTS today? Would I be able to make it? I thought out so I could possibly make this work and then responded.


What time were you thinking?

I sent the message and a few minutes later Jackson replied.


We’re working today and we get out around six thirty, so seven ish?

I would have to tell the boys I have plans for dinner, but I didn’t want to not go eat with them… then he sent this…


Fair warning, I just invited Bangtan to tag along and they said yes…

Well, that solved everything. Oh, lord, but all of them at once? My heart my just give out.


Okay, sounds good to me.


Btw why didn’t you tell me you were going to spend the day with them today? That’s totally unfair…

I laughed at the pouty face emoji he sent me with his text and tried to reply quickly.


Because Namjoon asked me to last night and I didn’t think you’d care since you helped us become friends last night.


I wish I could spend the day with you…

I laughed.


We can spend the day together when you get some time off work, okay?


It’s a date then…

I got a text from Namjoon telling me that he was down stairs in the lobby waiting for me so he can take me to the van that was hidden in the back. I texted Jackson a ‘sure’ and headed out the door after making sure I grabbed my key to my room. I then told Namjoon that I was on my way down to him as I got on the elevator. I took a deep breath to prepare myself, so that I won’t fangirl too much. I stepped off the elevator and began to search for Namjoon. I scanned the lobby and after having very little luck, someone approached me. Of course, it was Namjoon, I could tell when he raised his head since the ball cap and mask were obstructing my view of his face. “Did you recognize me?” I laughed. “No, not until you lifted your head…” I could see his smile in his eyes. I followed him out the back entrance and got into their van. I practically held my breath when I got in, that is, until they started to introduce themselves.

Everyone were wearing masks, Suga and Kookie were wearing snapbacks, and Jin, Jimin and Namjoon were wearing dad hats. Taehyung and Hoseok were the only ones not wearing hats and all of them were in pretty casual clothes. I sat in the front with Namjoon in the van. Taehyung sat in the front passenger seat and he was the first to introduce himself. “You’re finally here…” he hugged me and I froze in shock, but hugged him back after calming down. “Nice to meet you too.” “Okay, Tae, let the rest of us introduce ourselves.” Jin said in a motherly tone. “We’ve heard so much about you…” “Oh, really, what did you hear about me?” I asked as I gave Namjoon a look and he looked embarrassed, but wasn’t going to stop him from telling me.


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