Day 57 of the Transformation Challenge 2017

Day 57 of the 250k transformation challenge 2017.

Week 9 is here and I hit another bump in the road. This weekend I gained about 4 lbs and now I have to work even harder just to make up what I've gained. I had some carbs over the weekend, sweet potato tots and half a biscuit, and now I'm not even sure it was worth it. I just have to remember that I must enjoy the journey and when things like this happen, I have to learn from it and move on. Thanks for the supportive comments on Bodyspace. It really helps to know that I have made a lot of progress since day 1 and one weekend doesn't ruin the whole transformation. I am building a better, healthier me and that's the most important part. Not weight or body fat. Come back for day 58 tomorrow and watch me come back stronger than ever! Have a great Monday!

Fitness, calisthenics, massages and poker.
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