Playmate Ch.20 (End)

Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung

What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby)

Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...

Y/n's POV

You took a deep breath, the water looked clear and blue from where you stood. There was a slight warm breeze blowing letting you know spring was beginning. You looked up at Cha Cha.

"I'm so nervous." You said shaky.


You chuckled,

"Don't ever let Ju Kyung hear you say that." You said.

"Don't worry I'm not stupid."

He led you down the isle, there was a beautiful bright blue rug laid out for you to walk down so you didn't get sand in your dress. As you walked down you took in the faces of Ren, and Ju Kyung's parents. Hyukwoo was there and Elo, the silent bodyguard you only saw sometimes was facing outwards in your direction. Ju Kyung still kept him around to protect you even when you didn't really know he was there. He was a ghost.

Hyun Jung and Catlynn were in pastel pink dresses, Catlynn's hair was up and Hyun Jung had gone blonde again. They smiled watching you walk down the isle.

"Chase why am I still scared?"

"Y/n look at Ju Kyung. Just look how happy he is to see your face, he's been just as nervous as you all day. He's been waiting for this moment and you've been waiting for this moment. It's scary but Ju Kyung is someone you love and he'll be there for you as long as he lives. It's okay to be scared." Chase said.

You made it to the alter, Chase had to leave you and he gave you a smile. You smiled back and turned to Ju Kyung who was smiling at you. He held his hand out to help you up the two little steps to him. He looked down at you with so much love in his eyes it took your breath away. He leaned down to kiss you but you stopped him,

"Wait not yet." You laughed.


"Ju Kyung. Not yet." You smiled.

"Your forehead?"

"If you must." You laughed.

He kissed your forehead but he kept his lips there for a moment. His hand met the back of your head to keep you close. Then he took your hand in his.

"I have a surprise for you." You whispered.

"Yeah me too once we ditch them." He smirked.

You laughed. The ceremony began and the two of you recited vows. You exchanged rings and by the time the priest pronounced you husband and wife Ju Kyung had crashed his lips onto yours before he could say kiss the bride. You giggled in the kiss and said against his lips,

"You just couldn't wait could you?" You said.

"I've waited long enough." He smiled.

You wrapped your arms around his neck,

"You're my husband now." You smiled.

He nuzzled his nose against yours. You smiled bigger and brighter. Your nerves were all gone, they had disappeared during the ceremony. They disappeared once Chase released you to him.

wifeYou're my wifewife

You and him walked back down the isle, and headed inside for pictures. Your guests, some Co-workers, his family members and the gang all filed in behind you to eat. You two weren't necessarily going on a honeymoon just yet but you had planned that just before your stomach started to grow. You were close to two months now and you wanted to drink every now and again when the boys came to hang out at the house so instead Ju Kyung didn't allow alcohol in the house. Ju Kyung had left whatever dark business he was involved in, you didn't ask how and you didn't want to know. You kept the medallion Minjun gave you in the back of your closet in a shoe box where you kept just about everything else in. You never mentioned it to him, you didn't want him upset but you didn't really see the chances of needing to use it especially because Ju Kyung was already so protective of you. Once the pictures were done you two danced together, Jay had a friend of his that went by the name of Wegun. He called in a favor and got him to DJ for your reception. The food was extravagant though, something beyond what would've been expected from a small wedding but again it was Ju Kyung's mother's idea.

"Ju Ju." You said softly.

"Yes my sweet little bunny." He smiled.

"I was thinking, your mom's been really excited about planning this wedding and your father thinks since she left her job that she needs something to do."

"Yeah I know. He's fine kind of just lazing around and considering all the work both of them did for us I'm sure he's willing to relax but mom always wants to move, he goes with her and does whatever she asks because he loves her but we all know he'd rather stay at home and read his books."

"Would you do that for me?" You asked.

"Baby you know I'd be your personal escort where ever you want to go. I mean escort in both forms of the word." He grinned.

You laughed,

"Yeah I know...Ju Kyung your mother likes planning wedding's and actually she's very good at it. I was thinking maybe I could help her build a wedding planner business. A C & Moore is always looking for new clients to help build businesses, profits and I personally have helped increase profits by ten percent in at least a months time, depending on the market it's involved in. Plus she'll be her own boss so it's not like she can't take a day off and spend it with your father."

"You've been thinking about this for some time haven't you?" He smiled.

"Probably since I met her honestly."

"You're amazing."

"Don't make me blush my cheeks won't match my lipstick." You laughed.

"I wouldn't care. You're too beautiful and right now I'd like nothing more than to make love to you."

You smiled,

"I remember back when you didn't know how to be gentle."

"Back then if I thought about it, I couldn't but seeing you hurt,"

He brushed your bangs back with the tips of his fingers,

"My entire body knew how to be gentle, just for you. Practice makes perfect my sweet bunny."

"Well tonight you can do whatever you want to me."

He grinned,

"Is it possible to make another baby while there's already one in there?"

"No but I'm sure you're going to attempt it." You chuckled.

He grabbed your hand and slipped you away from the crowd. He led you to the room upstairs at the top of the hotel, the presidential sweet with a view of the ocean. It wasn't even night time yet but he couldn't wait and neither could you, you were away from each other all day and all of last night. He kissed you furiously in the elevator and once you were out he pushed you against the hotel door. You two kissed passionately against the door while he searched his pocket for the key.

"Damn I just want to Fuck you right here." He said breathless.

"I'd be inclined to agree but at the risk of getting kicked out of the hotel,"

You reached inside his jacket seeing the key and pulling it out,

"Let's step inside." You said.

"God I love you." He smiled.

You turned around and quickly opened the door. He closed the door behind you two and he lifted you up into his arms. He carried you deeper into the room and then set you down. You placed a hand on his chest and pulled away from him.

"I can give you your surprise now." You said.

He was panting from the kiss but also wanting you. He nodded and you grabbed the chair that sat at the desk. You pushed him lightly to sit down and you went and grabbed the little speakers in your drawer. You pulled out your iPod with it and plugged it in to play Bonnie and Clyde the French version. You reached back to unzip your dress and slip it off slowly to reveal an altered bunny suit that showed a lot more skin. There was a criss-cross that went up your stomach but behind that skin was revealed. The suit was strapless but it looked like a bra connected to the straps that made the X on your suit. The same thing with the bottom half of the suit, it looked like panties connected to the rest of the suit. You also slipped a black set of bunny ears on your head. You turned over and shook you ass in front of him to show off the black bunny tail, this time it wasn't attached to the suit it was inside you. It was odd walking around with it in.

"Bad Bunny, you look so fucking sexy." He said.

He tried to get up but your hands went to his shoulders and pushed him down.

"I'm not done yet." You whispered.

You turned around and bent over slowly to emphasize your ass. You swayed your hips from side to side to give a little wiggle and then came back up slowly. Your back was exposed to him and with your veil off you began to turn around to face him while releasing your hair from its up do. You shook your head to make it a bit messy and you smiled at him. He was watching you closely. When you dipped down with your legs spread open, you smiled smugly at the way he inhaled. You bounced low for a moment before pushing your hip to the side and rolling your body up in a sexy fashion. Your hands trailed over your body to get to your hair and you fanned it out with your hands. You made cute gestures that were more bunny like such as little hops, a nose twitch and again bringing attention to your ass. He bit his lip watching you and you could feel your core already melting for him. You finished your dance for him and he stood up in silence and pulled you into his arms. He kissed you slowly but deep. His hands trailed down your hips to your butt. His hands grabbed your tail and you moaned loud. He looked at you and then down, then back at you. He moved the tail again and you moaned again.

"It's in you." He said with realization.

You nodded.

"Fuck." He said.

You could see how excited he was. You pulled at the straps that crossed around the front of your suit and pulled them off transforming your suit into your bra and panties. He smirked,

"Did she make it?" He asked.

You nodded, you didn't need clarification on who he was talking about. You had stolen the number of the woman that took your measurements for your original three suits from his phone. You told her with the marriage happening you wanted something sexy enough where you were still in a bunny uniform but ready to fuck at any moment. She did it perfectly even adding the hole for the tail to slip in. He turned you around and pulled at the tail, slowly drawing it out of you.

"The dance?"


He yanked your panties down quickly once he removed your tail.

"You've pleased your Master very well Velvet."

You felt his tongue meet your heat and you moaned loudly. Your hands gripped the bed sheets while his warm soft tongue swiped up your folds slowly. His tongue pushed inside you sparking another heated moan and your hips to wiggle a little. His fingers bit into the cheeks of your ass while his tongue moved in circles at your rim. His grip was amazing and the wet sounds in your ears turned you on more. He drew his tongue away and said,

"Turn over."

You rolled over onto your back and looked up at him. He slipped off his jacket and quickly unbuttoned his shirt.

"Finger yourself." He said.

The command was given out with such authority and lust your body got hotter hearing him speak to you. Your fingers went to your heat and pushed in, drawing out moans as you tried to curl them in you. Your legs opened wider and you threw your head back in pure pleasure.

"No look at me." He demanded.

You looked back up to see him riding himself of his pants and boxers. His rod stood at attention hot, thick and ready to ram into you. Your fingers stalled.

"I didn't tell you to stop bunny." He said.

Your fingers continued their torture on you and your lips parted for air. He walked around the bed and your head followed the direction he walked. His heat was in your face and his hand was showing it some attention.

"You're going to have to multitask baby. Open that pretty mouth."

You licked your lips and opened your mouth to take in his cock. He moved his hips gently allowing you to suck on him while your fingers went deeper inside you. You moaned loud on his tip and he bent down to kiss you for a moment. The quick brushes of his lips against yours and his tongue swiping yours had you mewling his name. He put his tip back in your mouth but he swatted your hands away from your heat. He pinned one of your wrists down while he thrusted into your mouth. His other hand pushed two fingers into your core and curled up. He reached you deeper than your fingers would go, making you hum loud and hard on him. You bobbed your head a little and used your free hand to run along his shaft when you came up for air. A trail of saliva kept you connected to him while your hand spread it around his hot rod for a lubricant. Your mouth went back over him, your tongue swirling, licking and cradling his shaft and then your lips popping off his head, coming back over and sucking him hard. He released sultry moans low but hot and in your ears, you knew he enjoyed what your mouth was doing to him. He was big and you loved it. He finally pulled out of your mouth letting you breathe through your lips. He came back down to the end of the bed. He kissed up your thighs slowly and soft, giving you a slight tickle sensation that had your body begging for more contact. He licked your folds making you whine. You looked down to see him smile between your legs. His hand grabbed your tail,

"I'm going to put this back in." He said.

You nodded and he let it ride against your wet folds again to provide some kind of lubricant. When he brought it to your ass, you took in a deep breath and as he pushed it in you, you gripped the bed sheets. You moaned loud,

"Fuck." You said panting.

"Does it hurt?" He asked.

"No it's just- hard to get used to."

"Turn over."

He lifted up and you rolled over onto your stomach. You kept your head down but lifted your butt up and started to shake it for him. He got to see the cotton tail wiggle even while you were completely naked. He pushed into your heat stopping the wiggle of your hips while you gripped at the sheets happily and moaning loudly. He pushed into you slow the first few times, he was building up your need for him. He gripped your hips and pulled you back on him while he slammed into your body. You moaned loud, your eyes rolling back and your mouth open, catching breaths. His hips picked up speed, staying as rough as possible. You were leaned up on all fours now, one hand wrapped around your body to play with your clit which had your body jerking back into him with loud screams. You were amazed by the sensations he was granting you; everything felt so good your mind was lost in pleasure.

"Master, fuck me harder. Please."

"Damn it baby you're amazing." He growled.

He started moving faster, hitting you deeper when he pushed your head down.

"Fuck!" You moaned loudly.

"You like that bunny?"

"Yes Master."

He slapped your ass making you cry out from the sting. He slapped it again, then again.

"Ju Kyung." You moaned.

"Don't cum yet Y/n." he said.

You whined while he hit harder into you. The distinct sound of slapping skin bounced off the walls. Your hot body now broke into a sweat, everything was steamy, he was in your ear, his hand was on your neck. He was licking and kissing you and enjoying every bit of it. He quickly flipped you back onto your back. You grabbed his arms, feeling your tail go deeper into you.

"Ju Kyung take it out." You said.

"Sorry baby."

You lifted up and he toyed with it making you whine. He pulled it out slowly and tossed it to the side. He was back in you, riding into you hard. His hand scooped up your hair and his face came close to yours. He was breathing heavy against your lips.

"You can cum for me baby. Come on baby."

"Ju Kyung."

"Ah- fuck. Baby come for me." He said.

Your bodies rubbed together hard, hot and heavy. He kissed your neck, he licked up the side and bit down sparking even higher heated moans. You brought him closer and bit down on his shoulder.

"Ju Kyung, Ju Kyung." You chanted.

"God I love you." He said making eye contact with you.

The way his hand held your face let you take his thumb into your mouth. You sucked on it while his hips picked up speed.

"Master I'm going to come." You mewled.

Your body was already shaking. He hit your spot harder making you scream and grip his arms. He kissed you while he kept riding into your body fast to get you to your release. Your fingers dug into his back and your legs wrapped around his body. You screamed his name in your climax, you squeezed him so tight your walls milked him as soon as he reached his release seconds after you. He kissed you hard, for a while. The way your lips locked was hot and passionate and you two lingered in ecstasy for a solid ten minutes. He had already ridden your high down and was now just kissing your neck. His hand rested on your stomach.

"What am I going to do when the baby comes?" He whispered.

"What do you mean?"

"I won't be able to touch you for a while. I'll have to behave."

"Then fuck me as much as you can now. The wait will be good for you anyway." You smiled.

He kissed you softly.

"I talked to Yoo Ri last night, she said the place we were looking at, those people didn't want anymore. They found another spot." He said.

"Wait, so you mean it's open?" You said sitting up.


You hugged him happily, this house you two loved because it was a bit more secluded and cut off from the public. Not so much that it took forever to get into the city but it was far off enough that you had a large amount of property, the house was large and one of the rooms you wanted to make into a baby room while the other he wanted to make into your playroom. The house had a beautiful over look of the city from your back porch and a pool in the back yard. It was a large home and very beautiful and what you both liked about it was that it felt more protected. Reporters were less likely to come on the property to disturb you guys because of how far out you two were. You both loved the home and you really wanted it but you were willing to look around for another place since the other couple was trying to get it and supposedly made a better offer.

"Did you have anything to do with them backing out of it Ju Kyung?" You asked.

"No. I may have a lot of pull but you said you were going to look around more so I left it alone. I promise I didn't do a thing and neither did any of my men." He said.

You smiled,

"My loving husband." You said.


"My beautiful wife." He said.

You two kissed and enjoyed the rest of the night in each others arms...

*Eleven months later*

"Come on Juto." You said calling the dog to your side.

"Jagi, where are you going?" Ju Kyung said coming out of the master bedroom.

"I'm taking Hae Won and Juto for a walk. I have my appointment today so I was going to drive into the city and walk them. Jeong Seo let's me take Juto in the office with me. " You said.

"Well wait for me."

He walked up to you and gave you a soft kiss. He bent down to look in the stroller which held your beautiful four month old daughter. You named her after your mother. It was one night just after confirming it was a girl that you had a dream of your mother, the times that she was good to you and played with you and loved you. You woke Ju Kyung out of his sleep and told him you wanted to name her Hae Won. He saw the determination in your face that her name absolutely had to be Hae Won and he didn't argue against it. She looked like you, he called her your little twin sometimes too. You had a few complications through out your pregnancy that made you think maybe you'd lose her and even during the birth, Ren still had you go through with a water birth, you were scared she'd be a still born though. You were scared when you didn't hear her cry as soon as she came out but Ren said she was fine. She did everything necessary, cleaned the baby and Ju Kyung cut the cord. When you heard her cry, you cried; you held her close, your precious baby. The child of you and Ju Kyung not stolen from you by Taehyun. You were incredibly in love with her and you often took her to the office with you because you didn't want to leave her alone with anyone else.

Juto was a gift from Ju Kyung; he was a bull mastiff and he was already we'll trained. He was two years old and he was a nanny dog. His temperament was more gentle and loving than guarding. He was protective when he felt danger though but otherwise he was a sweet dog that loved the baby. There were times he'd use his nose to lift the blanket onto her while she was sleeping. Or you'd let him lay on the couch to watch her while she slept in your spot because you were going to get something from the kitchen. Ju Kyung liked the idea of you taking Juto with you and the baby because he knew Juto could be protective when need be. Besides he always had Elo and his other men watching you two.

"Hello my littlest bunny." Ju Kyung said to her.

She made some kind of baby noise but it sounded so happy that it made you both smile.

"Your mother wants us to have dinner with them tonight." You said as he stood back up.

"Geeze, is my brother going to be there?"

"Yes Yoojin said he'd attend. I think we should too." You said.

"She just wants to see the baby. Come on Juto out, you know you go before Y/n." Ju Kyung said waving him out.

Juto hurried out the door that Ju Kyung was holding open. You pushed the stroller out the door and Ju Kyung followed behind closing it behind him.

"Here let me take the stroller down." Ju Kyung said.

"Okay. Let me get Hae Won first." You said.

You reached over and pulled her out of the stroller so Ju Kyung could carry it down the steps. You smiled at Hae Won looking up at you. She reached up for your face and you kissed the palm of her little hand.

"Hello my bubbly baby." You said.

"Alright Y/n it's down, here."

"Look there's nothing wrong with letting them see the baby. I've been a bit cautious since she's been born but Ren delivered her and Catlynn has already seen her twice."

"No she only saw her once."

"No she came over for a few minutes yesterday looking for you." You said.

"Really, she never told me she stopped by. She didn't try anything funny did she?"

"Oh please Ju Kyung she's smarter than you give her credit. I think by now lots of people know not to touch me. Your brother still asks for permission." You said.

"I trust him even less."

You shook your head with a laugh,

"You get my point though right? Your mother and father haven't even seen Hae Won once and she's already four months. I think we should really go."

"I never said we wouldn't." He looked up at you and smiled.

"Then why did I waste time discussing this with you?"

"Because you and I both know I like to be difficult," he pecked your lips.

"Alright, put her in the car seat and get that cute bunny ass in the car." He said before stepping behind you to kiss your cheek then smack your ass.

You jumped a little and then looked back with a laugh. He winked at you and you rolled your eyes. You went to put Hae won back in the stroller since it turned into a car seat, when Juto started to growl. You looked up quick, worry rushed through you already. You didn't see anything though.

"Y/n, you and the baby come back inside." Ju Kyung said looking out as well.

"Ju Kyung nothing's there. Juto calm down." You said.

"Y/n don't argue with me get back inside now." He said.

Juto's growling picked up and became a bark. You left the stroller behind and ran up a few steps to get behind Ju Kyung.

"I don't see anything." You said.

"You may not but he does and he obviously doesn't like it. Juto doesn't bark at nothing you know that."

He turned you to walk up the steps but you looked back to see a man standing in front of Juto now. He was looking up at you,

"Oh my god Ju Kyung." You said in disbelief.

Ju Kyung looked back and saw this man. The man you saw at the mall way back when. He looked just like your father.

"Dad?" You said confused.

He looked too much like him it was like you were seeing a ghost. Ju Kyung lightly pushed you so you'd step back up the stairs. He walked down to go to the man.

"Y/n I'm not here to hurt you." He said.

"Don't talk to her. Who are you?" Ju Kyung said.

The man looked at Ju Kyung for a second and then to you.

"Y/n just listen to me I'm here to give you a warning."


He sighed,

"I'm Hyeon Jae, Se Joon's older brother."

"What?" You said.

You stepped down to the bottom of the steps.

"Y/n stay there, not a step closer." Ju Kyung said.

"You let him rule you like this?" Hyeon Jae said.

"He's my husband, he's trying to protect me and after what your brother did to me and my mother I'm inclined to ask him to just let Juto go after you." You said angry.

"Look, what Se Joon did to you and your mother I knew nothing about until long after. Y/n just listen to me." He said.

"Why? All your brother, my father, ever did was hurt me. He hurt her. Day after day he was just beating her and then me for looking like her. As far as I'm concerned everyone of you can go to hell." You snapped.

Hae Won started crying and you turned to get her quiet.

"Y/n I saw you months ago and I ran so that you wouldn't be in danger. I came here to give you a warning that's all. I promise I don't want to hurt you." He said.

"What kind of warning?" Ju Kyung asked.

"Some years ago Se Joon was put into a protection program, the cops faked his death he's still alive and he's been in protection for a while now. The trouble is the men he was trying to put away found out he was alive. They came after me because they thought I was him. They know your his daughter though, they also know you have a connection to some guy named Taehyun."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me." You said exasperated.

"Y/n they're going to come after you. Se Joon owned money to those men and they know you can pay it. They know about Ju Kyung too they may ask for more." He said.

"No," you said.

"No. I can't fucking do this not again. Not with Hae Won here. We just can't go through this again. Fuck that!" You ranted.

Ju Kyung came over to you and hugged you. He kissed your forehead.

"It's okay baby." He whispered.


"Baby you can't stress about this just calm down. Look just go inside take Juto with you. I'll call out of the meeting today we'll stay in okay. We'll figure something out." He said.

"Whoever these guys are they're not getting to me or her." You said upset.

"You know I won't let anyone touch you two. Your my sweet little bunny remember? Our littlest bunny will be safe too. Just go inside and calm down, she's cranky now anyway." He gave you a soft smile to calm you down.

You relaxed a bit. Back when you two started out the smile relaxed you, just as it did now. He ran his fingers through your hair, it had grown back to its normal length now and you were so happy about that.

"She's hungry that's why." You said.

You turned to walk up the stairs.

"I'll bring the stroller up when I come in. Juto go with Y/n." Ju Kyung said.

Juto's heavy paws hit the stairs as he ran up to catch up with you. You walked into the room and got Hae Won into a comfortable position to breastfeed her. You looked out the window and saw Ju Kyung and Hyeon Jae talking.

"No one's going to hurt you baby. I won't let any harm come to you."

You looked down at your precious baby girl. You sighed softly, you'd destroy anyone that tried to come after her...

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