Happy Birthday Hyunsik!

Happy 25th Birthday to BTOB's vocalist and dancer Hyunsik (Lim Hyun Sik).

Hyunsik also writes some of the songs for BTOB, and I'm pretty sure he plays multiple instruments also.

He looks good with any color hair.

He can change from Hot to cute in seconds.

Yes, I have a lot of photos of Hyunsik (and the rest of BTOB). Though I don't consider him my bias, he holds a special place in my heart. Hyunsik is the one of the two members I get in my album the most for some reason (Changsub is the other). Both the picture discs (I Mean and New Men) that I bought turned out to be him (both had Changsub photo cards), and I have numerous photo cards of his also. We have a running joke at my house that if I touch a BTOB album it will turn out to be Hyunsik, but if my daughter touches it first, it will be one of the maknea line.

He has absolutely the best eye smile.

Happy Birthday Hyunsik!!!

And BTOB released their new music video yesterday/today. Please help them get it to 1 million views.


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