He Came from Narnia pt. 4 (GOT7 Fanfic)



Jessica woke up the next morning to an empty spot next to her and Lidia putzing around her room, cleaning the dust off the window sill and organizing a tray on the vanity.

"What's that, Lidia?", Jessica asked covering herself and attempting to look around the robust woman at what she was clumsily doing at the vanity.

"It's your makeup tray," Lidia responded. "The Prince asked me to bring one to you and a new dress is hanging for you behind that screen." Lidia pointed to a beautiful black lacquer screen decorated in gold painted cranes with large wings, spans flying throughout the 4 panels with a beautiful oriental mountain range in the background.

Jessica pulled the sheet off the bed and walked behind the screen to find a red velvet dress on a mannequin. The long heavy dress came with a pure white lace bodice to wear underneath so the lace shown at the breast and out the bottom of the belled sleeves of the dress. A silver belt with red gems was loosely hung on Jessica's hips and a pair of silver slippers were waiting for her at the vanity. Jessica made her way to the vanity so Lidia could brush and curl her hair, lightly brush some blush on her cheeks and apply a light pink paste to her lips. A knock came at the door and once again Prince Jackson made himself known.

"How is my Huntress this morning?", Jackson said coming up behind Jessica and placing his hands on her shoulders. He leaned down to her ear, "Did you sleep well after?"

"I slept fine, Your Highness," Jessica said sitting up straight trying to hold her composure. "When do I meet the archers?"

"Don't worry about the archers right now, Huntress," Jackson said with his arms behind his back and pacing. "It's time for breakfast!"

Jackson escorted Jessica down to the dinning hall where they were greeted with the bold smell of coffee, heavily buttered waffles, crispy bacon, fried and hard boiled eggs and freshly baked bread. He sat Jessica down to the left of him while Mark was at his right and directly across from her.

"Did you sleep well, Huntress?", Mark asked genuinely. "I hope the castle isn't too cold for you."

"I was a little chilly," Jessica said lying. "Luckily I had a nice heavy quilt to keep me warm once I was able to fall asleep. I was awake a good portion of the night." Jessica gave the Prince a slightly seductive look and bit her lip.

"Good," Mark said reaching for some waffles and fried eggs. "I'm glad you finally got to sleep. Last night was....interesting. Hopefully not too traumatizing for you."

"I'll be OK, Sir Mark," Jessica said reaching for some of the crispy strips of bacon, waffles and syrup and a hard boiled egg. "It was a bit intense last night between the Prince and my friends. I wish things were easier somehow."

"Would you like some coffee, ma'am?", a servant woman asked.

"Oh, yes please!", Jessica responded excitedly.

The coffee tasted of hazelnut, cinnamon and dark chocolate undertones with a vanilla bite. Every flavour hitting Jessica's tongue like an arrow hitting a bullseye, she'd never tasted coffee like this before.

"What do you taste, Huntress?", Mark asked curiously. "What coffee are they serving today?"

"My mouth is overwhelmed!" Jessica said throwing her hands in the air. "I can taste cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut and....something else...but it's so wonderful! It smells so majestic and tastes even better!"

The Prince scoffed at their conversation of coffee tasting, he had no interest in it while devouring his eggs and bacon and buttering his freshly baked bread. The three of them shoveled so much food in their mouths they were barely able to walk out of the dinning hall without passing out. Prince Jackson and Sir Mark lead Jessica out to the court yard where she is meeting her army for the first time. As they walk out on the terrace and overlook the 50 archers in question, Jessica's eyes widen as she sees Yugyeom among them. Her heart dropped knowing the warrior elf has succumbed to the Prince's will. Jackson manipulated Yugyeom into joining forces instead of training his own army in the forest! Jessica became enraged at this thought and pushed Jackson back inside the castle and threw him against a wall.

"Why is Yugyeom among the archers?", Jessica yelled. "He's the lead Elf warrior! Why is he on my team of archers?" Jessica tightened her grip on Jackson's shirt.

The Prince winced as Jessica tightened her grip pinching some of the skin, "I figured he'd want to be close to you while you stay here training them."

"YOU'RE LYING!" Jessica yelled. "You're manipulating him! You want to hurt him! Let him go back to his army so they can fight for you."

He got that disgusting crooked smile again, "If I let him go back to his army they won't fight with me but against me. They will attempt to take you from here."

Jessica loosened her grip and softened her face, "What if I don't want to be here? What if I truly want Yugyeom to rescue me?" She began to feel guilty about the night of pleasure with the Prince.

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Jessica gathered herself and her pride and walked back out to the terrace to accept her place as lead archer in the army. Sir Mark gave her a silver bow and silver arrows with poison tips for battle. Jessica also received her silver plated armor, cuffs, shin guards and white gold tiara. Back in California and working 3 menial and random jobs, Jessica felt like a nobody. Here, she was in control of an AMRY! An army of potentially fantastic archers, she was in control....mostly. Jessica was determined to make sure the Prince knew she had a backbone and could take control of anything she wanted, including his heart. Prince Jackson wanted to talk about cold hearts? Well, Jessica is Queen of cold heartedness, she'd mastered it over the years of bad boyfriends and people taking advantage of her. Clearly in this realm, it wasn't going to be much different and Jessica was ready to take anyone on who said she was incapable to doing anything.

"Introducing the Huntress Jessica as your new leader!", Sir Mark yelled holding Jessica's hand up high while her other hand raised her new bow with pride. "Jessica will train you; and lead you into battle. She is the Huntress, The guardian of the forest, therefore she is the best and Prince Jackson always requires the best. Listen to everything she says about fighting, protecting and being loyal."

Jessica was touched by the speech this valiant White Knight had to give about her. She blushed with every word he shouted to the archers and began to have the same fluttery feelings she had with Prince Jackson the night before. It was almost a Lancelot and Guinevere moment between Jessica and Mark; Prince Jackson could read that loud and clear. The Prince scowled at his First Knight and stormed off to his study where he pulled out a large silver key from his desk, moved a bookcase which was a secret passage used only for royalty to escape danger, and walked down to the dungeon. As Jackson passed a guard, he picked up a torch and continued down the corridor to the cells. At the end of the corridor he reached a cell that seemed to have been barred off for years, completely neglected and rotting. He opened the lock and pulled the nailed boards off the door to open it, he shown his torch inside:

"Brother, are you still alive?", Jackson asked into the darkness.

"I'm here," said a faint voice from a dark corner. "I can hardly walk, but I am alive. What do you want with me? Wherefore have you come for me? Has the chosen one returned?"

"Yes, she is here," Prince Jackson responded. "I need your help, Bam Bam. Are you able to come to the surface?"

"I asked you to put me here so you wouldn't kill me," Bam Bam responded. "I can't trust you in your winter wolf form. I'd rather be the decrepit troll of Narnia than be mauled by my blood-thirsty brother."

"The Huntress has returned to break the curse," Jackson pleaded, "We don't have to live like this anymore! I'm tired of lying to everyone about your death."

"I will come to the surface until you change," Bam Bam agreed. "But on the night you transform into that creature, I want to be locked away until you are done feeding."

"I promise, brother," Jackson sounded sincere for the first time in 200 years, "I will have you locked down here when I change into the winter wolf."

Prince Jackson picked up his limp twin and carried him to the study, where the Prince called for his servants to tend to his brother's wounds and weak muscles. Bam Bam was suffering from muscular dystrophy due to being locked in a cell for so long: his legs barely functioned and he could hardly hold a pencil. He wore a sheer scarf over his eyes for two days before being able to focus on daylight properly and could only eat soup until his stomach could handle solids. Living on bread, fruit, vegetables and water weakened his stomach a bit, any meat made him vomit for hours. The kitchen staff started him off with soups made from chicken broth and vegetable stock to keep his bowels and stomach at ease. Bam Bam got a hair cut, a bath and was dressed as he should be, like a Prince. The servants would help Bam Bam practice walking everyday and when he wasn't walking he was in a wheelchair.

"May I meet the Huntress?", Bam Bam asked. "I'm curious to know her."

"In good time, brother," Jackson responded. "She is busy training our archers so we can beat the Queen and break this curse. You will no longer turn into a disgusting troll on a full moon and I no longer a winter wolf who stalks you as his most precious prey. She cursed us as these creatures because we are brothers, twins; so one would constantly be fighting the other for the throne."

"Why is being a twin such an evil thing?", Bam Bam asked. "I was always told twins are a blessing."

"Not to a royal family," Jackson informed Bam Bam. "In a royal family, twins are bad luck because even though one is older, they are still the same age, and one is likely to bring shame to the family and cause massive bloodshed. One must always disappear in order for the family to live peacefully, but that never happens, does it?"

"No, no I suppose not," Bam Bam said quietly hanging his head. "But I am sickly and useless, so we don't have to argue about who will have the throne. You are strong and assertive, two things I could never be. Why would she cast a curse on us for that?"

"Because she sees more potential in you than in me," Jackson revealed. "In the Queen's eyes, I am the weak one which is why every full moon I turn into a winter wolf and you turn into a troll. The winter wolf's favourite meal is a nice, juicy ugly troll."

The sunlight beamed in on Jackson's face through the stained glass window of Bam Bam's bedroom. As he spoke of the curse and their family misfortune, Jackson kept his poise and his hands behind his back. Jackson loved his brother so much and refused to lose his temper seeing as he'd chased Bam Bam multiple times as a winter wolf attempting to eat him.

"Shall we practice your walking?", Jackson asked with a smile. "I know you're getting stronger. You'll be able to go out on the terrace and greet everyone as a Prince soon!"

Bam Bam smiled and nodded, "Yes, let's practice and afterward can we go to the kitchen and have some of that pudding mother used to make us?"

They both giggled and Jackson said, "Absolutely! We will have loads of pudding afterward. We'll eat it until we are sick, just like when we were kids."


Jessica worked hard with her troops, she'd never actually remembered shooting a bow and arrow before, but somehow her muscle memory knew. As she got into her training, it was like a whole new being took over her body and mind, she was able to train all the troops at once with ease and without losing her temper. Watching Yugyeom suffer through this rigorous training made her heart hurt. Jessica wished he could be back in the forest training his own troops to wield swords, shoot arrows and tracking instincts. He shouldn't be here learning from her, Jessica didn't feel she was qualified to be teaching an elf warrior the basics of being an archer!

"How are you my love?", Yugyeom walked up to Jessica brushing the side of her face with the back of his hand. "Is he treating you well?"

"I haven't seen much of him since you left that night," Jessica said, and she wasn't lying. "Something has him preoccupied and behaving very secretive. I can spend as much time with you as I want!"

"Did he make you do anything you didn't want?", Yugyeom asked in fear.

"No," Jessica said, "He didn't make me do anything I didn't want to do." She wasn't lying, she wanted to have sex with Jackson and she wanted more. Every time they walked past one another in the halls of the castle, she began to remember their first night together, and how much she longed for his touch.

"I want to go back to the forest with you tonight," Jessica said.

"For what reason?", Yugyeom was confused. "Aren't you comfortable here?"

"I miss the forest and I miss you," She was halfway being honest and half way being horny. "I want to go back to the forest with you."

"You miss a mans touch, don't you?", Yugyeom asked giggling. "Come back to the forest with me, I will give you everything you need."


After a long day of training, Jessica followed Yugyeom back to his home in the forest. He hoisted her up a ladder leading her to a home high up in the trees. The trees spoke to her as she climbed up the ladder, welcoming her home again and again. Once they reached the top, Yugyeom went inside and got a bucket of warm water and a sponge.

"Take off your clothes," he said nonchalantly.

"WHAT?!" Jessica gasped. "Why?"

"You need a bath," Yugyeom responded. "Take off your clothes and let me wash you."

"Out here where everyone can see?" Jessica asked, looking around at the trees that has been speaking to her.

"Don't be silly," Yugyeom laughed. "They've seen you naked plenty. No one here cares. Get undressed so I can wash you."

Jessica slipped out of her Huntress garments and Yugyeom hung them on a clothes line to wash later. He picked up the sponge, dipped it in the bucket of warm water and began to wash Jessica's legs. He seemed to enjoy washing her but didn't seem aroused; it was like bathing her was a perfectly normal thing! Jessica, however, was feeling quite different as he stood up and began washing her neck and chest, her back and bum and going between her legs.

"Eeep!" Jessica let out a yelp with the sponge between her legs.

"You ok?", Yugyeom asked.

"I'm OK," Jessica blushed. "Just startled with where the sponge went."

Yugyeom laughed, "Would you rather something else go there?" He asked, kissed Jessica while running his fingers down her tummy and into her, while his other arm was cupping her back and holding her close.

Jessica winced as his fingers found their way to her clit and made her moan in a way the Prince never managed. Yugyeom nibbled her ear and kissed her neck while continuing to please her relentlessly.

"Is this why you wanted to come back with me?", Yugyeom whispered in her ear. "Did you miss my touch that much? Was he not good to you?"

Jessica moaned as his fingers went a little deeper, "I missed you more than I thought I would."




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