Talking About Fashion Dont's?

When it comes to fashion icons, GDragon has his name at the top of Korea's list again and again. He can make the most outrageous things look... wearable.

So when I saw his jacket in FXXT IT,


I had the familiar thought of 'Ah, only GD could pull that off.'

But I might have been wrong.

There is another iconic idol I think of when it comes to strange fashion.

Zi -a - koh! or Zico.

He might not be on GD's level but he has surely come close.

So, why bring him up? While rewatching Yesterday for the hundredth time I finally noticed Zico's coat...

It's almost the same jacket with different coloring and worn open but I immediately thought of GD so I say the resemblance is clear.

It'd be unfair to ask who wore it better, besides both idols work with so much more than what they got and look good somehow. Let them both have it.

What do you think? Do you see it?

There isn't anything to know.
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