True Love Tuesday: Love Triangle

So, this True Love Tuesday is all about your favorite love triangle! For this special case I chose Kaname , Yuki, and Zero from Vampire Knight!

Kaname, Yuki, and Zero have a long intertwined history together so they are the perfect choice for 'Love Triangle'. This is the new first people I think about when the we order is brought up. If you wanna read their story & sequel

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Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight: memories

Without further ado, let's explore this live triangle.

1)Kaname x Yuki

Personally, I am team #Kaname. I have always rooted for kaname and yuki since I read the first chapters of Vampire knighy back in middle school at my public library. They are so perfect for each other and their relationship is as so strong, undeniable and loving. They are the degintion of soulmates and they are what true lovers look like. See for yourself!

2) Yuki x Zero

It took me a while to warm up to Yuki & Zero. However after the new end of the manga, I have made my peace and can now fully accept them and their love. I never wanted to consider them as a couple in the past because I was so fond of kaname but now, I can see that Zero's feelings for yuki are as strong as kaname's. Zero and yuki started out always bickering then slowly warmed up and grew to care for each other. Yuki while making it clear that she desired kaname admitted that she cared for zero too. Zero also made it clear that his feelings wouldn't change. Yuki and Zero relationship has come full circle and they can be happy together now that they have realized their love is blossoming. Look at the way they stare into each other 's eyes. *swoon


For all you fujoshi's out there XD!

I have never officially shipped kaname and zero as a couple before but other young Vampire knight fans have. They do have a few scenes together throughout the series and anime. I can totally see why you guys want them try be together. kanane and Zero have an interesting past together to say the least, like any other rivals, they have a love hate relationship. But on the end one thing they can agree on is their love for their darling, Yuki.

3) Kaname x Zero

That's it, guys!

So that's it guys! See you next time XD

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