Hi Diary, It's Me ~Entry Twenty-Nine~

Morning Journalists^^

Woo look at me go! XD

Here is another entry for you guys and I think you all are going to like it...

EEnnjjooyy ;;

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Help me.

No seriously, HELP. ME.

I have a situation. Two things have happened.

One, is as you know, Daehyun asked me to the dance. I stayed up all night thinking about it and just wondering why...WHY.

And so I finally decided that I was going to say no but at least dance with him once. Seems fair right? I mean... not what he wanted to hear but at least it is something...

Anywho, the second problem is this.

Uhh... I don't know how to say it.

Let me just start off by saying that I saw Jongup today. It was the first time since he slept over at my house that night and I was so nervous when I saw him.

My palms got all sweaty and my heart was racing like crazy. I at first thought I wasn't feeling well but then it all made sense to me.

So he came up to me and asked me about the dance. Mainly, asking if I was going.

I of course said yes. Did I bring up how his other member asked me? No, I didn't.

That group already has enough drama of it's own with Banghim over there that the last thing I want to do is to add more tension to it.

Anyways, he seemed happy to see that I was going and said that he will see me there.

You know... I was happy when he said that but at the same time, I felt sad. I had no idea why but as I thought about it more throughout the day, I think I realized it.

Why, I wasn't overly upset that Yongguk was gay and taken, why my heart was racing like crazy...

I think I like him Diary.

I think I like Jongup.

Oh dear heavens save my soul. This is literally the last thing I need in my life right now but I guess love always comes when you don't expect it right? 

Stupid. IT'S SO STUPID. 

Ughh...Am I going to tell him? No...at least not now. 

Maybe eventually but definitely not now.

And I also need to tell Daehyun tomorrow about the dance.

What a mess my life has become.

The only stable thing in my life now is you and I really thank you for that. 

I have no idea what I would do without you so don't you dare get stolen again!

But I will let you know what happens tomorrow with Daehyun...

*cries for help*

Save me, please.




Oh snapp!!

I wonder what Daehyun will say... And what will happen if Jongup finds out!?

SSttaayy ttuunneedd~~ ;;

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