Gangsta Love: Caution


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Reader & Loco



When Sober, he as sweet as a puppy, but when Drunk He's a true thug... You as one of the best cat burglars get caught when he's a Drunken Thug. Oh the things he does to you, the threats he makes come true. Makes you work for him, but only when he drunk. He ignores you when sober, in fear you will use his sober state as an escape.


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~(Loco POV)~

I had woke up to see Y/N was sleeping next to me, whilst holding my hand. I blinked a few times, before the pain reminded me of last night. I was caught in a gun fight after confronting the people I had Y/N rob. She was here with WooBae her assign guard, when I came home from the gun fight. She looked scared and seem to be in shock as well.

Y/N had even step up to the plate, and play nurse and surgeon for me. She looked so beautiful when she was focus, though she was beautiful in general. She was gentle but tough at the same time, and did an amazing job being my medical aid, as we waited for the doctor to show up. Hell, she had done a way better job than the doctor I was paying to treat me. I couldn't help but watch her the whole time.

She even called me out on thinking something else, but it was too late. I could see she actually cared before she started treating me. The doctor had come after she had taken me out of any danger, and started calling her a quack. I saw the rage building up inside her eyes, as he disrespected her. I wasn't going to stand for that, since she was ten times better than he was, an actual quack doctor.

She just kept looking at me, as I gave her the singal to kick the guy in the face, before my men kicked him out. She was trying to leave and let me rest, but the idea of her not staying by me. It just seem wrong so I begged her to stay beside me just for the night. Y/N didn't seem to argue and cave in. I got to see an expression I had never though I would be able to see from her.


She honestly was scared for me. Y/N cared that I was wounded and didn't like seeing me like this at all. She started playing with my hair which was so very relaxing and soothing. Oh man she knew what she was doing, and I didn't seem to mind at all. I felt my heart ache from an emotion rather than pain.

"Oh boss, you're awake."

I looked up to see WooBae standing there with a duffle bag. I slowly got up and let go of Y/N hand. I threw the blanket over her careful, as to not wake her. "Yeah, and I see you brought in what she manage to get from them." WooBae softly chuckled as he came over to place the bag on the table.

"She did better than you think... its like it was childs play for her." I blinked before opening the duffle bag, to see Y/N took every that man had, from money to drugs. I couldn't help but smirk, as I glance over at my sleeping beauty. "price it all up and cut 50% to Y/N. She most definately earn it after last night."

He nodded in agreement, as he took the bag from the table and left. I order he leave it on the table, when he brought back her profit. He didn't once question anything I told him, though I saw it in his eyes. WooBae seem to be hopeful about something, I just hope it wasn't the chance that Y/N and I would be an item. I hop in the shower before he could come back to full wash up.

When I finished up I heard movement in the living room. I open the bathroom door to see Y/N was wake and in panic. The moment we made eye contact, her panic had faded and her eyes brighten with pure joy. She came running over towards me to stand before me.


Did is really just say my real name? Knowing full well she wasn't suppose to unless she had my permission or we were around my friends. I glared at her and she realize what she said. Y/N cover her mouth, while her joy faded from her eyes. I just sighed heavily, while I closed my eyes.

I honestly was moved that she cared for me so much, but she was the one that told me to keep it business. I pointed to the table where her profit cut was laying and waiting for her to take away. She seem sad as she walked over towards the suitcase of money. I just went directly to my bedroom to get dress for the day. I can't afford to to allow Y/N to get close to me.

It I were to fall for her, I would only be putting her into more danger than I already am currently. Love was something that should never happen for me in this business.

No matter how much I would love to have a family some day.


~(Y/N Pov)~

I ended up going out to eat with Ju-Kyung after he caught me in the hospital. We both sat there and not once did we touch our food. "Um... damn... Do you plan to tell Hyuk-Woo hyung?" Ju-Kyung finally spoke breaking out awkward silence. I looked up at him and saw that he was truly concern for me.

"To be honest with you, we've only been dating for a good week. I don't want to spook him away. Plus, its not like I'm actually dying. By time its right to tell him, I could possibly be cured." Ju-Kyung hummed as he looked back down. "Eat up, I don't want you getting sick now because you didn't eat."

I made a joke about it, before offering him his chopsticks. Ju-Kyung chuckled and looked up to take them from me. "Then you eat too missy so you can get better soon." We finally both touch our food, and started getting to know each other better. Some of the things I said were lies, but most of it was truth. Just had a twist to it is all.

Ju-Kyung was a very sweet guy, and promise to let me be the one to tell Loco that I was sick. Even though it really was my baby sister. He had even pay for my meal, which honestly after paying my sister's medical bill. I wasn't going to be able to pay anyway. "I hope hyung brings you by the studio sometime. You're really cool, and I wouldn't mind having you visit us."

I just gave him a soft smile, whilst he patted my head. We then parted ways, and I headed back to my apartment. I made sure my hood was on too, since I didn't want what happen at the hospital to happen again. I'm suppose to be in hiding, but doesn't mean there isn't a chance the feds could find me. Even with Loco's protection, they could still catch me.

Man I couldn't stop thinking about that man. The memories from last night still haunted me. I didn't think their would be a gun flight after Woo Bae and I left. To see him come into his home bleeding, broke my heart and scared me. I even ended up treating him, which I didn't mind doing at all.

He was one of the nicest bosses I have ever dealt with. Loco took care of his crew members, no matter what rank you had among them. Though this was my first time dealing with gangsta's in South Korea. Other countries they would of killed me on the spot. Not him, he gave me an ultimatum, like a true business man. But why the fuck was the guy always drunk when I had to deal with him?

Was it is way of growing the balls to deal with certain situations? I sighed heavily as I hung my head. I remember when I was playing with Loco's hair, and remember seeing that sweet warm smile. The compassion in his eyes, though I knew it was because the bullet wounds were making him vulnerable towards me. Or was it cause I had tended to his wounds, refusing to let him die.

I wasn't good with death, I would do anything I could to live, or save a life over take a life. If I wasn't addicted to stealing things, and actually went to college, I might of been one good nurse. But stealing got me the things I needed faster, espeically since I was my sister's only guardian. We didn't have any other family. I was greeted by Woo Bae at the door, as he brought in food for me.

I smiled at him, and help as well. "The boss wanted me to tell you thank you for playing doctor for him last night." Something told me Loco really didn't say that at all. That it was Woo Bae's cool way of saying thank you for me stepping up. "It was no problem. That doctor though needs to be replace. Cause it seem he didn't know what he was doing anyway."

Woo Bae chuckled as we put the food away. I had to focus on my sister, and making money. I was starting to think to much about Loco.

I pray that there wouldn't be much work from him for at the very least a couple of days.

I wanted to distance myself before I got too close to him.


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