Belong to them Ch.1: Two new Men

Who: Jung Kiseok x Reader x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek

What: Smut clef: a new musical scale between Alto and Treble. When you hit the right note oh boy the sounds you will here if you catch my drift.

Story: Your main boyfriend is a dominant by every sense of the word. You quite like it, the roughness, the demands but also the way he treats you like his most precious possession. One thing about your boyfriend though is he really likes to share and soon you find yourself submissive to not one, not two but three men. The Master with different personalities but somehow the same. What the hell are you about to get into....

+18 Readers only Please

Y/n's POV

You were pushed against the wall immediately after questioning his demand. The penthouse was large and beautiful, clean all around aside from his music spread out on the table. He spent too much time producing so he'd come home in a particularly bad mood some days far more demanding, far more rough than normal.

Oh god you loved it when he was like this.

His eyes would narrow on you like they were now. He'd pin your hands above your head like he had them now. His hand gripped your jaw and made you face him and gaze into those deep animal eyes. Brown, dark and blown. He wouldn't say it unless he found it necessary but he definitely loved it when you were disobedient and you could always see it in his eyes. Your Master loved it when you misbehaved, it was like giving him a signal that you wanted him to fuck you so hard you couldn't stand for the next week. Your core was already heated and gathering up wetness. You could only bring your disobedience so far though, you learned that when he locked you in a room for a whole day with only water and four walls not including the bathroom. When he brought you out, he fed you and then sent you to bed without being touched. He barely spoke a word to you and if he had said anything it was simply as a command. He told you write down 'I will not misbehave' on three sheets of paper front and back and it had to be done by morning if it wasn't you'd be punished again. You hated when he was demanding or mean without being touched. It sexually frustrated you and without being allowed to relieve that you quickly fell weak to him all over again.

He was careful not to condone disobedience but playful disobedience taken to a certain amount he'd let pass by so that he could fuck you how he wanted. Right now he was probably thinking about which way he could tie you up. Perhaps he wanted to bend you over the couch and fuck you or maybe he wanted you in the kitchen. Your imagination grew wild as you looked back into his animal angry eyes and he said,


He pushed you deeper into the wall, any harder and there'd be a Y/n shaped hole in the wall. His grip was strong and so hot. You nodded,

"Yes master."

"You cook, clean and let me fuck you that's all you have to take care of, I don't expect to be questioned about that. So take of your damn clothes off, put on the apron I gave you and get to cooking." He said.

You nodded,

"Yes Master."

He looked at you hard, his strong grip on your jaw loosened and slid like a snake down to your neck. Your body shuddered and your eyes closed enjoying his touch. You heard him chuckle a little before he gripped your neck tight.

"Don't get too excited bugs. I won't have time for you tonight." He said.

Your face showed how disappointed you were, he was just playing with you and you felt your heart almost stop. You pouted a bit, the hope of his swollen cock inside you, assaulting your walls was trampled over because his work would take up his time today. He kissed your forehead,

"Don't go pouting, you know I make up for it." He said.

You looked up and gave a small smile and nodded. He backed away to give you room to attend to the task he gave you. You walked to the kitchen and with each step an article of clothing left your body until you were completely stripped in the kitchen. You turned the stove on and put your apron on. Your bare back and ass was showing while the front was somewhat protected by the apron (someone what meaning you may have been covered but if you spilled boiling water on yourself it'd hurt threes time worse than it would if you were clothed).

With that thought in mind, you weren't going to make anything requiring boiling water. Instead, you had a nice salmon waiting to be cooked. It was expensive as hell but considering he gave you your allowance separate from your spending expenses you didn't care and apparently he didn't either. Looking back, you weren't sure how this even started, when you met him you were struggling a bit. You were in an apartment with four other people, one girl and three men. The girl was always out, one of the guys was a drunk and one of them liked to hit on you. The day you met Jung Kiseok, you had actually walked out of the apartment because your roommate tried to force himself on you and you got pissed and hit him upside the head with a frying pan. Of course he was drunk but either way wrong was wrong and no meant no. Kiseok saw you walking around in a cardigan with these skimpy short shorts on, along with your spaghetti strap top that was two sizes too small because it shrunk in the washer. He laughed at you when he saw you and thought it was utterly ridiculous for you to be walking around like that where anyone could just snatch you up. You retorted by calling him a grown man child because of the lollipop in his mouth. Although, he had a charming smile, he still had that charming smile that could stop your heart from beating. When he scrunched his nose, you were paralyzed by how adorable he looked but when he was dominate and his personality changed, that was what made you excited.


There were an ass load of rules that took you forever to remember and he wanted to make sure you knew them so every time he came home for like the first sixty days he would quiz you on them. You didn't think you would bare being with him if he was always like this but you soon discovered Kiseok just liked having everything a particular way. He liked his music organized a certain way, his kitchen cabinets, the layout of his place, if anything so much as shifted two inches to the left and he'd have an attitude.

Type A.

You two have been together for two years and in those two years you don't ever recall saying you loved him or him saying he loved you, in fact he made gestures lovers might do, like he brought you home flowers once. That caught you off guard and they were actually for you. He comforted you when you cried, which he said was required of a Master anyway. He was difficult but Kiseok did things to make you comfortable. He took you shopping for clothes, jewelry, toys, candy. Anything your little heart wanted he was almost always willing to give it to you.

You were bummed now though because he said he didn't have time for you tonight but he would be leaving in two days to go on tour with some men he worked with. He spent his time producing music either with or for them. He'd be gone for a month moving around from the U.S, China, Spain and another place you weren't paying attention to when he said it. It always got like this when he was going to leave though you should've been used to it but you hated it. A whole month without him was in its own right a hell. He face called and you did video sex but it was never as great as having him there to curl up next to when everything was done. He brought you things back after his tour and they were all kept in a little collection you had, sometimes he asked what you wanted other times he just surprised you.


"Babe go eat." He finally said realizing you had been standing there for a good ten minutes.

You turned to head into the kitchen and grab yourself some food when you accidentally grabbed the knife without looking at which end you grabbed and you cut yourself.

"Ow! Shit." You hissed as you covered your hand.

You grabbed the knife by the handle and placed it into the kitchen sink. Kiseok sighed and stood up and walked over to you.

"What did you do?" He said.

"Nothing I can handle it." you snapped.

Immediately you regretted the tone you took with him. He grabbed you by your chin and yanked you towards him,

"Say it again and your attitude had better disappear when you do."

"I can handle it Master. Mianhae." You said.

He calmed and took your hand in his. He saw the blood and licked at your cut, making you whimper. He kissed the cut and ran the water, he placed your hand under it and told you to keep it there. He left to go to the closet and came back with a first aid kit. He pulled your hand away and used peroxide on the cut, making you whine at the sting you felt. He watched your face contort in pain and your teeth clench. You saw a smile appear on his lips and your attention left the pain and came to him. You looked at him surprised at the softness in his face. Kiseok was gentle when he wasn't angry or when you weren't having sex but you spent most of your time bringing out his feral side, when you saw him look this soft and cute, it took you by surprise. He wrapped your hand and then gave you a kiss before he went back to his work.

"Get out of the kitchen before you hurt yourself again." He said.

"Yes Master."

You took your plate and sat on the couch in front of him. You ate in silence while your mind drifted off and he continued fooling with his music. You ate slow and it seemed like a whole hour was spent with you day dreaming about cameras taking pictures of you with your hair blowing in the wind. You had no idea what that was about. When you came to reality, you saw both of you had finished your food. You reached for his plate,

"Are you finished with this?" You asked.

"Yes, it was very good Y/n." He said.

You grabbed the plate and went into the kitchen to wash the dishes. You dried your hands and came back to the couch. Being naked around the house was such a norm the fact that you had just eaten diner naked under an apron wasn't even slightly odd to you. You sat there for a moment, your leg restless with nothing to do.

"Can I go to bed?" You asked.

He looked up at you and looked you up and down.

"No." He said.

You sighed and looked away.

"Come here Y/n."

You stood up and walked over to him and as you did he placed his things on the table.

"Take it off." He said referring to your apron.

You pulled it off and handed it to him. He folded it up neatly into a triangle and put it to the side. He grabbed you by your waist and pulled you onto his knee. He let his hand glide over your side swiftly, sending a shiver through your body. His other hand that was on your waist came to the roundness of your ass. He pushed you down between his legs. He immediately kissed the back of your neck softly, making you jerk forward a little in surprise. You let out a small breath and then his fingers found your sensitive nub and twisted it. You moaned loudly, your core heated up wanting attention. Your stomach tightened, feeling that coil all to delicious to ignore. His fingers slid down between your folds to find your opening. He parted your legs wider. He slipped his fingers inside of you, making you lean your head back on his shoulder and release a louder moan into the room. Your legs were already shaking, anticipating that beautiful build up. His fingers moved slowly in and out of you causing you to tighten around him from pure desire. He licked the back of your neck and bit at your nape. He knew how you hated it slow, he knew you liked rough and fast but right now he wanted to torture and tease and make you cry and beg.

"K-Kiseok please."

"No." He said.

He sucked on a piece of flesh by your shoulder. His fingers from his other hand played with your clit and your hands came to his wrists. One hand pumping exceptionally, painfully slow and the other teasing your sensitive bulb.

"Don't touch me." He demanded.

You drew your hands away form his wrists. He re-positioned his hand and slipped it between you two from behind. The other was still in front testing your clit and his two fingers turned to three from underneath. You moaned out you loud and jerked forward. They spread inside of you, stretching you out.

"Play with your breast while you ride my fingers." He said.

You started to move your body up and down allowing his fingers to rub your walls in place of his beautiful cock. You bit your lip as your hand went to your breast fondling the large firm mounds. Your thumbs rolled over your nipples releasing more sounds past your lips. Your voice collided with his music that still played. You weren't sure he was rewarding you or punishing you.

His other hand came up from between you two and you heard the sound of him trying to get his belt buckle off. Then his zipper coming down. You heard him shift on the couch and then his hands met your waist and he pulled you close to him. He situated his heat at yours and pulled you onto him helping you bounce on him while you screamed into the room.

"Yes!" You moaned happily.

"Is this what you wanted baby girl?" he said wrapping his arms around you.

"Yes daddy." You replied.

Your voice even sounded fucked out but excited as hell. Delicious.

"Fuck yes baby girl. Tell daddy how much you love his dick." He teased.

"I love it daddy. I love it so much please make me cum. I want to cum on your dick." You moaned loud.

Your hand went to his knee to keep yourself stable but your other hand squeezed your breast.

"Face me Y/n." He demanded.

You stopped bouncing on him and turned to face him. He patted his lap so that you'd come to straddle him. You wrapped your arms around his neck once he was in you again. His hands went to your hips and stayed to get you moving. The force he used showed you the pace you needed to go before his hands went to grip your firm backside. He slapped your ass just to watch it jiggle a little from his view. His hand came to your clit and you moaned and came down on him harder,

"Master." You whined.

"You need to cum in the next minute Y/n I have to get back to work." He said.

You kissed him to add to the feeling. When you came up for air, he grabbed your breast and licked your perked nipple. He kept flicking it slightly with his tongue causing you to whine. His lips covered it to suck on it.

"Yes, yes. Oh my fucking goodness. Yes daddy." You praised.

He moved you more onto him.

"Cum Y/n or you'll go to bed unsatisfied."

That was a threat he'd definitely keep. If you didn't cum soon he would actually pull you off mid fucking and tell you to leave. You leaned back to get a better hit on your g-spot. Your legs shook, they were getting weak. The rushing was building so well, it felt amazing. Your fingers replaced his on your clit and you cried out a release; you grabbed hold of him while your body's spasm rocked you like an earthquake on his swelling rod.

"Keep moving." He told you.

He must've been close too and it was worth having you continue. You forced your weak body to continue moving on him but you weren't moving fast enough for him. He let out a frustrated sigh and flipped you over onto the couch. He spread your legs wide and pinned them down and fucked you quick. He moved in and out of you so smoothly, his cock assaulted your already ravaged walls. He groaned deep and his sounds were animalistic, he bit his lip hard and came down to your lips and devoured them; his hips became uneven and he hit harder. He lifted your ass to get deeper. You released mewls into his mouth and he bucked into you hard one last time, releasing a full load inside of you. His sticky white substance coated your walls as if your heat wasn't already soaking. He stood up and made you sit up.

"Clean it up." He demanded.

Your mouth opened to taste the mix of you and him on his dick. You licked around the entire length and your head bobbed up and down sucking on his beautiful hot stick. He tasted delicious especially when he was mixed with you. He pulled your head away.

"Enough or you'll distract me again." He said.

He smiled at you as he lifted your head and planted a sweet kiss against your lips.

"Get to bed bugs." He said.

"Yes Master. Thank you." You smiled.

You hopped up satisfied to have gotten what you wanted even if it wasn't as hard and as rough as you would've hoped. You rushed upstairs to wash up and you got ready for bed...

The next morning you woke up to the touch of a hand against your cheek, softly grazing you. You smiled with eyes closed.

"Oppa." You whispered.

You turned over and opened your eyes only to see a man standing above you that was definitely not your oppa, lover or Master. You screamed startled and covered yourself with a blanket. You stared at him and then heard a slight chuckle from the other side of the room. Your head whipped around to see another man with a square jawline, sharp and well defined. Neither of these men you knew and you had no idea how or why they were in Kiseok's bedroom. You were completely naked under the blanket to make matters worse. The one that had touched your face had beautiful plump lips and he looked down at you and smirked. You looked at the other one as you felt the bed sink next to you.

Where was Kiseok though?

Were you dreaming?Were you dreaming?

He chuckled again,

"It seems like Kiseok never told her."

"She seems more afraid than excited Mintaek. Take it easy." He warned with a smile.

The one beside you was named Mintaek? Okay well who was the one before you?

"He said we can have her Jay. They agreed he could do whatever he wanted with her meaning I don't have to be nice at all, do I sweetie?" Mintaek said.

He lifted the blanket to see your naked body. Your phone was on the dresser next to you if you could grab it and run into another room you could call for help. Or call Kiseok and find out what the hell was going on.

The one standing above you, Jay, put his hand on top of your head and you looked up at him surprised.

"There's only so much we can really do to you without getting in trouble with him." he said.

You pushed the covers off of you.

"See she gets it, she's a little pet. A slave of pleasure, she made a deal with her Master and she has to honor it." Mintaek said happily behind you.

You kicked Jay instead of complying like he believed and grabbed your phone and ran out of the room. You ran down the steps forgetting to head for a room to lock yourself in. You were looking through your phone trying to find Kiseok's number. You ran right out of the door and right into him by the elevator.


"Y/n what the hell are you doing out here naked?" He asked confused.

You were actually scared to the point you were shaking. You grabbed onto him freaking out,

"T-there were men- in t-the penthouse."

"Wait, wait hold on." He said.

He took his jacket off and covered you up.

"Y/n those men are friends of mine. Mintaek and Jay."

"They touched me." You said looking up at him.

He sighed and picked you up and brought you back into the penthouse. Kiseok looked up at the top of the steps and saw Jay and Mintaek coming down them.

"Didn't I tell you two not to wake her up?" He said.

"It was Mintaek's idea."

"You're the one that touched her face I just wanted to look at her." He said shrugging as he came down the steps.

Kiseok set you on your feet. Jay and Mintaek came over to you. Jay tried to shake your hand and you curled more into Kiseok still confused.

"Y/n it's okay. These two will be your Masters while I'm gone." He said.

"What?" You said looking up at him.

"That's right French fry, you're going to be all mine." Mintaek winked.

You made a face at the nickname he gave you. You were short, that was the only reason you came up with for why he chose that as your nickname. You looked at Kiseok.


"I have to sleep with them?" You said looking at Jay.

Jay seemed to have a nice body based off the way his body was defined by his tight ass shirt. Mintaek had nice bone structure but he seemed like he'd be a cruel lover to you. You were curious now.

"You can kiss them for now but they can't have you until I've left. Do you understand?" He said.


"The rules stay the same even when they're your Master Y/n. They can't oversee anything, they're here to take care of you and make sure you behave." He said.

So your two new Masters weren't just fuck buddies but baby sitters. Jay stepped up to you and gave you a little soft smile. He cupped your cheek gently and leaned down slowly to kiss your lips. It felt weird kissing another man in front of Kiseok but when he didn't seem to lash out you relaxed and gave into Jay's gentle kiss. His hand came up behind your head and pulled you in closer, lacing his fingers with your hair. You pulled away from him and licked your lips. You looked up at Jay with almost doe eyes and then you smiled at him. Mintaek grabbed your hand and pulled you over to him. He wrapped his hand around your waist and bit your bottom lip first, exciting you. He captured your lips in a deep heated kiss. He pressed his body to yours and you could feel the bulge he had formed against your body. You moaned into the kiss making him pull away with a laugh.

"Now that's a satisfying kiss." Mintaek smiled and looked at Jay.

Jay rolled his eyes and looked away.

"Alright you two have tasted her, you like her now get out. We have something's to talk about." Kiseok said.

"See yah later French fry." Mintaek waved his one hand while the other was in his pocket.

Jay followed behind him and said,

"See yah baby doll."

His was a bit cuter and softer. You wondered if you'd like Jay as a lover. If he was always that soft and tender you might not, still you enjoyed his presence far more than Mintaek's. You turned to Kiseok he was already sitting down and he held his hand out before him so you'd sit. This ought to be good...

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