Day 61 of the 250k Transformation Challenge 2017

Day 61 of the 250k Transformation Challenge 2017.

Now that we're in the home stretch of the transformation challenge, originally I did this and had a goal of getting a 6 pack. Early on in the first few weeks my focus shifted from aesthetics to health. As I'm getting older, longevity and health became more important to me than just looks. After doing research I didn't realize that my focus was moving towards gut health and to stop the inflammation. Inflammation plays a huge role in diseases and after learning that out, I didn't really care about the 6 pack and I just wanted to have a healthier body. For a 12 week challenge that was the wrong approach, however I don't mind it at all because at the end of the day, my health is more important than looks. That is what I've come to realize and I'm ok with that. I'm glad I did my research and I know how a better outlook on how to keep my body in tip top shape, and I still believe that six pack abs will become a byproduct of my calisthenics and me staying healthy. We'll see how this all plays out but for the last few weeks of this challenge, I will focus more on leaning out. Have a happy Friday and a great weekend everyone!

Fitness, calisthenics, massages and poker.
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