I Do but I Don't: Ski Resort Bacholar Party (P-2)


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What to do when you fall for someone that is already with another. They're even planning to marry their partner. Yet the moment you two meet its like fate screaming, but none of you listen to it until D - Day forces you both to play your hands.


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~~((SSiimmoonn PPOOVV))



We spend all of Friday either in a snowball fight war, ski/snowboarding, eating amazing food selection, and/or shopping. Shopping for Dava was so much more better than shopping with Kami. She try to be slick and just get a pull over sweater, because it was cheaper too. If I had brought Kami shopping, she would want me to buy the whole damn store.

DAMN IT! Why am I marrying Kami again?!

I have to keep reminding myself of the past to remember why I love her so much. But after three years, she has seem to change for the worse. I was just laying on my bed looking at our pictures together, when a knock came at the door. "Come in." Dava enter the room, as she noticed I was laying in the dark. "Does it really help your vision being in the dark?"

I hummed as she just turn on the nightstand lamp, instead of opening the curtain for the sun to shine in. "The girls and I will be leaving you boys alone tonight. So why not come spend breakfast with us? I made everyone pancakes, and hash browns, and bacon." I sat up and looked over at her, as the smell of food hit my nose. "Aw man, now Jay gonna be all over you."

Dava blinked confused at me, as I smile and shook my head. Kami never even bother to learn how to cook, as Dava seems to have it down, like its second nature. "Oh you mean, cause I can cook. Yeah he's already made a pass at me. I turn him down too, haha." She rubbed the back of her next, as I could see she was a bit shy about the subject.

It actually did make me feel a bit happy though that she turn him down. I just hope she won't get mad at me if I call off this wedding. My cold feet were making me realized that marrying Kami wasn't going to save our relationship. Question is, would Dava even look my way afterwards. She got up and offer me her hand, as she smiled so warmly at me.

I could feel my heart racing, as I took hold of her hand in my own. I swear the moment I did, the world froze for me. Dava's hand fit so perfectly in my own. I made eye contact with me, while her smile faded a bit as well. My stomach growling broke our trance, as she quickly took her hand back.

She just waved her hand to follow, before she left the room. I did as she gesture, to see everyone either sitting on the couch or floor eating. Dava handed over a plate of food to me. "Enjoy." Jay had finished his food, and started being cute with Dava. "Yah, you should at least give me a chance to sweep you off your feet."

Dava smirked, but rolled her eyes at the same time. "Jay, make a move on me one more time. I ain't gonna cook breakfast tomorrow." The moment she said that, everyone threw pillows at Jay. We all ended up laughing together.

I took a bite of my own plate, and realized why everyone reacted the way they did. Dava was a hell of a cook, and it even had me wanting her cooking again. "I'm gonna cook dinner for you boys, before we leave. Remember to eat." Adina told everyone, resulting in a number of smiles directed her way. We all loved when Adina cooked for us too.

Thanks to her being best friends with Dava, we now have two amazing cooks in out crew. Dava took Jay's plate away from him, and went over to the kitchen area of the penthouse. Once everyone was done eating, we just went back to either shopping, playing in the snow or ski/snowboarding again. Dava was snowboarding like a pro, it was hard not to watch her. She had fallen in front of me and started laughing.

I stop by her, and offer my hand. We made eye contact, whilst she took hold of my hand. Dava body frame was so perfect in my eyes. So, when I grabbed her waist, to make sure she didn't fall back. I felt a desire to pull her close in and steal a kiss from her sweet lips. She just bow her head before pulling away and go back to snowboarding.

Jay came over and stop beside me. "Dude you two are making it so obvious you two like each other." Jay patted my arm as he join me in watching Dava rejoin Adina. "Jay, I think I actually am falling in love with Dava." Jay's eyes widen as he look at me.

"Simon please tell me that was a joke." I looked back at Dava, watching her laugh and smile, as I sighed heavily. "I wish I was... but she so .... fuck! I need to stop, I'm about to be married." I just closed my eyes, before going off without Jay.

Once night had fallen, the girls had run off to have their own fun. The guys and I were in the lounge area of the penthouse, as we were getting ready to hit the club here in the resort. I was waiting for them, sitting on the couch, while looking over some old photos of Kami and me.

"Um, Ssam hyung we need to talk to you."

I looked up to see the guys were all in front of me. Jay was sitting on the back of the couch, seeming to not want to be part of whatever this was about. "Its about Kami. You know we see you like our brother, and want you to be happy." Loco said as he looked over at Gray.

"Even I can't support this wedding anymore. Even after all of this." Each one of them too turns playing a voice recording they had of them talking with Kami. They then show me how far it went back. My heart sank when I realized Kami had been trying to cheat on me with my own crew.

Jay was the only one that didn't show me his phone though. I looked over at him, and saw he was facing us, but not speaking up about the subject. "You said before you were falling for Dava. Instead of showing you my phone records going back four years, I'm just going to stay this." Jay stood up and came closer towards me.

"Leave Kami, she doing nothing but poisoning you. Plus how the fuck do you not see she trying to get a share of you're power in AOMG. She playing you. Always has been, always will. But Dava isn't at all. She doesn't even care that you're famous and just wants you to be happy. When she found out about Kami's slut ways? She help us plan this intervention for you."

Dava help them plan to gain up on me? Ugly Duck show me a photo he had of kami in her bra and panties, as it show that the date. She had sent that to him on our two year anniversary. I just shook my head in disbelief, and frustration. I sighed heavily, and got up, to leave.

"You all can fucking enjoy your trip here, I'm out."

I storm out of the penthouse and made my way down to the clerk desk. I managed to get a cabin up the the mountain, and left them all inside the resort. I walked the path up to the cabin, only to hear someone shouting behind me.


I saw Dava coming after me, but the idea of her helping them gain up on me. It pissed me off even more, and I didn't want to be around anyone. I kept walking and enter the cabin. She caught up and caught the door before I could slam it.

"Yah! Kiseok oppa!"

Hearing Dava say my real name stop me dead in my tracks. "I told them that you would do this."She came inside and closed the door to keep the cold out. "You did? Just like you help them plan that team up?" I called her out on being part of it as she hung her head.

"Because after learning what I have about and the bride. I honestly can't allow you to marry a woman like that. You are are such an amazing man, and you deserve so much better."

Dava's eyes were full of tears, but I honestly couldn't deal with her at the moment. She as about to say something else, but the earth beneath us started to shake. We both looked around as the sound got louder and louder. Dava turn to look out the window, and we both saw the snow hurling towards us.

"Dava! Get away from the window!"

I ran over to her, and grabbed her by her waist. Dava looked at me a bit startled, as he fell down on the floor together. I held her close, her head against my cheats, as I used my other arm to cover my head.

The window had broken, allowing snow inside of the cabin, but only so much was able to enter.

Yet we were still snow inside of the cabin together.

We were trap in the cabin now due to an avalanche.

~(Dara Pov)~~(Dara Pov)~



Adina was poking my cheek as I made breakfast for everyone. "Yah!" I slapped her hand away, finally annoy with her antics at the moment. She had been poking me ever since yesterday when Simon and I left the shopping stores to join the snowball fight. "All you have to do is tell me what I want to hear, and I will stop." I glared over at her and focus on cooking.

I knew what she wanted to know but I didn't feel like telling her. I was technically here for work reasons, but suppose to entertain her with shit that isn't true. "I told you what you wanted to hear. Simon bought the jacket for me, since I forgot my snow gear back in Busan." Adina poked my on my cheek again, resulting in my growling at her.

Adina wasn't afraid of me, but she knew that I was getting angry now. She was more scary than I could ever be anyway. "That's not the answer I wanted." I sighed heavily, and was about to voice my annoyance, when a hand reach into the frying pan quickly and snatched a hash brown. I looked at the owner of the hand, and saw it was Jay.

He was blowing on it before consuming it. Jay's eyes lit up as he wrapped his arm around my waist, before resting his chin on my shoulder. "Damn girl you are one hell of a cook. How come you're still single? If its cause you want a boss as a boyfriend, I glady volunteer."


My shouting got Seonghwa's attention and he pulled them both away from me. Finally I had time to focus on cooking, instead of being hit on or poked. Once I had finished, I had Hyuk Woo help me bring out plates of food. I than noticed Simon wasn't among the group. Jay came over to me, and kissed my cheek to gain my attention.


I glared over at Adina as she ate with a stupid grin plaster on her face. "By the way Seonghwa oppa, I owe you one for getting them away from me." Seonghwa just chuckled and nodded his head. I felt Jay remove my hand from his cheek and held it. "I was being serious though, Dava. I would love to go on a date with you."

I just blinked, before removing my hand from his own. "I'm sorry Jay, but I don't think you and I could work out. I want a man that will only look at me, but have a wondering eye from time to time." You heard his crew 'oo' and 'aw' at my comment, as Hoody and Adina chuckled. "Yah, that's not fair, you haven't even given me a chance."

Jay got pouty as I could see the hurt in his eyes. I just kissed his cheek before going to check the room he was staying in for Simon. I knocked on the door loud enough that anyone could hear it. "Come in." I heard it softly, before entering the room and saw that Simon was awake. He was just laying on a made bed in the dark though.

"Does it really help your vision being in the dark?"

I walked in and made my way over to the nightstand to turn on the light. I knew Simon had an eye that was hard to see with unless it was dark a bit. So I felt the lamp light would be my gentle on his vision. Simon just hummed as a response to my comment.

"The girls and I will be leaving you boys alone tonight. So why not come spend breakfast with us? I made everyone pancakes, and hash browns, and bacon."

Simon sat up and seem to be able to smell the food. "Aw man, now Jay gonna be all over you." I just blinked at his comment since Jay actually was all over me before. "Oh you mean, cause I can cook. Yeah he's already made a pass at me. I turn him down too, haha."

I just rubbed back of my neck and gave a small nervous laugh. I honestly would of prefer Simon to be all over me, but he was the groom. I was just his hired wedding planner, that came along because his best man requested it. I got up and made my way over to him, before offering my hand with a warm smile. Simon looked at me the same way my father does when he see my mother.

If I didn't know any better, I would of swore, Simon had feelings for me. The moment I made eye contact with him the first time, I knew I was going to be in danger with him. I wanted to scream that he was going to be mine, no one else could have him. But someone else already did have him and it made my heart ache. Hell the moment his took my hand, I wanted to throw myself at him.

I swear if the boys plan didn't work, I really was going to have to assign someone else to him. Marrying him to another was going to kill me inside way too much. Simon's stomach growl out of hunger, breaking me from my trance. I took my hand back before waving for him to follow. I then led him out of the bedroom, and to the lounge sitting area.

Simon looked over everyone, and I cook the moment to bring over his plate of food for him. He looked at it before looking back up at me. "Enjoy." Jay had finished his food and came over to me. He rest his chin on my shoulder and nuzzled up to me. He was being even pouty too, since I had rejected him.

"Yah, you should at least give me a chance to sweep you off your feet." I smirked and rolled my eyes at the same time. "Jay, make a move on me one more time. I ain't gonna cook breakfast tomorrow." It seem everyone was in love with my cooking, because they all chuckled a pillow at him.

It was all in good faith though, because we all just laughed it off. "I'm gonna cook dinner for you boys, before we leave. Remember to eat." Adina had spoken up, and created a smile along everyone's lips. Even I loved Adina's cooking, it had a culture flare to it at all times.

We had all gone outside again, to have some fun again. Adina wanted to go snowboarding with me. Which I didn't argue with her own. I loved snowboarding, but she won't stop nagging me on the ski lift. "So what happening with you and Simon. Please tell me he leaving her for you. You are so much more of a match for him than that bitch ass whore will ever be."

I just looked at her before getting off the lift. "Oh come on! Dava!" I clipped my boots onto my board and went off. I wasn't going to answer her, because I just don't want to talk about it. What was the point in talking about something that would not ever happen.

I was distracted by my own thoughts, that I had fallen down. I just laughed at myself but honestly wasn't sure if I intended it to sound so cruelly in my mind. I looked up to see a hand being offer towards me. When I looked up at the owner, I saw it was Simon, my heart skip a beat. I wish I could read his mind, because I swear my feelings for him were driving me crazy.

I took his head, as he help me get up onto my feet again. His arm had snake around my waist though to make sure I was secured. I felt my breathing change into a pant, as I felt the urge to attack his lips with mine. Yet, he already belong to another, and was off limits due to my own personal morals. I bow my head to show my thanks, before pulling out of his embrace.

I went off ahead of him, and found Adina at the bottom. Seems while I was down, she had passed me. I gather up some snow, after I free myself from my board, and threw it at Adina. She gasped in shock as I smiled. She return fired, making me laugh at her playfulness.

We had a little snowball fight, until I gave in. We headed inside to get some hot chocolate, and had Hoody join us. Adina had started cooking dinner for everyone, which we all happily enjoy. Yet, after dinner had finished, Seonghwa gave us the single to get lost. It was the second day into the trip, meaning time for them to confront Simon.

He headed out together, but for some reason I felt someone was going to happen. Something bad, and I was affair it was going to involve Simon. I excused myself, lying that I needed to use the rest room. I actually headed towards the hotel elevators, when I saw Simon at the front desk. I watched him get a room card, before walking out of the building.

I knew something was going to happen, but my bad feeling just got worse. I went after him but it was a bit hard, cause his rage was steaming him. I did my best to keep up with him. I started shouting out his name, but it seem he wasn't listening to me. Or possibly just ignoring me, because the guys told him I was helping them.


He turn a little to look my way, but just help walking. Damn I was going to have to work on my cardio after all of this. I was starting to get out breathe a bit, as I ran. He really was ignoring me though. He had enter a cabin, and was about to slam the door, but I had caught it. I used my full strength though to make sure it would stay open.

"Yah! Kiseok oppa!"

Simon froze, which had allow me to finally catch up to him. As well as allowing me to catch my breath. I could feel the heat and pain radiating from my hand. The force had cause me harm, but all I could think about was getting Simon to talk to me. "I told them that you would do this."

Wasn't a lie, because I did predict something like this might happen, once they finally told him. They should of told him three years ago, before he got to this point. Yet they seem to have not though of it. "You did? Just like you help them plan that team up?" Simon called me out on being part of the boys confrontation.

"Because after learning what I have about and the bride. I honestly can't allow you to marry a woman like that. You are are such an amazing man, and you deserve so much better."

I could feel my eyes watering after I finally spoke half of what I felt. I slightly confessed my feelings for him. I couldn't hold back anymore, I knew I had to fully confess how he made me feel, but a rubble caught our attention. My bad feeling was screaming at me, so I went to check out what was causing the earth to shake. We both looked at the uncovered window to see snow rolling towards us both.

"Dava! Get away from the window!"

Simon grab me by my wrist and pulled down with him. I swear my world was moving slowly, with him so damn close to me. I wanted to curse myself out for being so helpless and thinking of my emotions. Simon was protecting me from the glass from the shattering window. He moved away from me, after the sound had finally come to a stop.

We both looked up to see a mountain of snow inside of the cabin, and the door block off with snow.

We are trapped inside the cabin.



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