Whispering Winds

Awoken by a sound, my lullabies unwrapped, Memories playing orchestra, the sound collapsed, Dreams started becoming thoughts, Memories forming shapes of clouds, Walking on those winds, my heart rattled, Dust grew over my heart, and transcended for the better, My words became someone's world, Dancing to the whispers of the wind, I glanced out to the skies, watching the stars, They twinkled, started falling, for us, With the winds, I stood on the clouds, Flowing, flying, I watched the moon, and bowed, Lost in ecstasy, my shadows formed the rainbow, Closing my eyes, I started reciting our vows, The wind carried my whispers to her, Lullabies wrote new symphonies to offer, On which, the stars danced while falling, For she is lost in the woods, whispering, Stars coming down to her, to show her the path, Wind whispering, so she hears to my heart, So she hears and we connect, So she whispers and we confess, She danced to my whispers, She danced with the stars, For she was listening to my heartbeat, And her heart was beating in a sync, For she could see our destinies joining with time, For her memories were her lullabies, just like mine, And we whispered together with the winds, Danced together to rule over stars, Closing the distance, our dreams shaped our thoughts, And thoughts shaped the clouds, The clouds, which we rode together, The clouds, which we flew together, To the moon, and beyond, Till the time, and beyond.

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