What did you need help with?

= Today's expressions for Fri-Mar 10th = 1. What did you need help with? 너 무슨 도움이 필요하다고 했어? 2. Nobody else understand me. 다른 그 누구도 날 이해하지 못해요. 3. Once trust has been destoryed between two people, there's no going back. 일단 두 사람 사이에 신뢰가 무너지면, 돌이킬 수 없다. = My story with today's expressions = A: Hi, Peter. I didn't catch what you said yesterday because my mobile was low battery. I didn't mean to but I just remembered that you needed help, what did you need help with? P: Oh, yeah? I did misunderstand you and thought you hung up on me. Actually, I was really disappointed in you. hahaha~~ You know, once trust has been destroyed between us, there's no going back, right? I just wanted to say that nobody else understood me when I explained the solution of the matters.

Making mistakes is better than doing nothing.
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