Yugy Sunday: Flight Log Teasers πŸ“·


Happy Sunday everyone! Can't believe the weekend is almost over already! Hope you guys have had a wonderful weekend and an even better week! Today for Yugy's special day I thought I would like to share his flight log teasers! Im having a lot of fun showing these so I will sharing everyone else's as well! Hope yall enjoy!

Flight Log: Departure- Yugy was also one that went and grew up on me. I loved seeing these Fly teaser photos of him because he looked so freaking cute. Pastels are really his thing and his shoes are super cool too.

Flight Log : Turbulence- So I kind of have this thing for Yugy when he stripes on so I was absolutely in love with these teaser images. I also loved the dark and sexy side that I think this concept bought out!

Flight Log: Arrival- So these teasers killed me because I couldn't believe how grown up he is! I'm in love with how beautiful his photos came out and that olive jacket he has on!!! So freaking cute and stylish

*Credit for gifs/pictures goes to owners*

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