What Do The Protests in Seoul Look Like Now?

This past Friday the Korean Constitutional Court (think of it as the US Supreme Court) ruled unanimously that Park Geun Hye should be officially impeached.

Since most of the country wanted this (at her lowest I think she has a 10% approval rating) there were massive celebrations in the streets. There were musicians, free food stalls, and fireworks.

Now of course there are plenty of (mostly elderly) people rioting and claiming that this is the end of democracy (when really its just an example of democracy working...) but they are in contained areas surrounded by police. As far as I know 2 people died and many more are injured but its been due to violence by the pro-Park side (for example, the rioters were trying to flip over a police bus and knocked over a speaker which fell and killed an elderly man who was part of the riot...)

I walked through the celebration area the day after the announcement if you'd like to take a look and hear the sounds.

Skip to 4:20 unless you want to see my friends new cafe opening party haha :)

If you could all do me a really big favor:here

Korea now has to vote for a new president so that will be starting as we speak :)

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