Stargazing (White day JinJin (ASTRO) Oneshot):


Hey, guys! I've been struggling with my computer to get things posted because vingle is being a bit of a butt. So, this is my first attempt in a oneshot, please go easy on me lol. Anyways this is a White day smut so enjoy at your own risk. If you dont know what white day is (Since I am terrible at explaining things here's what google " March 14 is known as White Day, on this occasion men gift women with candy." But this boys gift is himself if you know what I mean ;).


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Warning: Contains sexual content and/ or cussing

Word Count: 1741


Babe, where are you taking me?” I asked as he pulled me along with my eyes covered by a blindfold. He said he wanted to surprise me with something, but he was never good at making surprises before. He would always spoil it before he could surprise me. “You will see in a minute…” my JinJin replied before leading me off what sounded like a gravel path to grass, maybe? I’m just guessing. All I really knew is that we were definitely outside. I could hear the crickets chirping in the distance. The sound of his voice gave away his excitement. I smiled knowing that he was happy. Just hearing him happy makes me happy. This is one of our first white days together, I was glad that we could get together and do something because we never really had time to do dates that often. We had both gotten dressed in some of our best clothes and he decided he was going to drive me somewhere, but I still don’t know where.

Suddenly, he stops and I run into him. “Oh, sorry, I should have told you that I was stopping…” he chuckled. “Okay,” He said walking behind me to untie the blindfold. As he pulled it off, I saw what he had set up for us. There was a blanket on the grass and on top of that there was a picnic basket with wine in it, wine glasses, pillows and a small pile of blankets. “What do you think?” he asked. “It's perfect…” I said looking around the park. There wasn’t a lot of a of trees, so the view of the stars wasn’t obstructed by anything and there was a small duck pond not too far from where he set everything up. The crickets still chirped in the distance as we sat down on the pillows together. At first, we started off with taking off our shoes to relax with some wine and looking at the stars. I got lost in stars as my eyes lingered on the night sky. “I missed you all day today…” Jin said in my ear calling me back to reality causing me to looked up and I smiled at him. “I missed you, too.” I gave him a peck on the lips.

He turned around and laid his head in my lap. I looked down at him, curious to why he was acting a bit more brazen that usual, but didn’t protest. He had the biggest grin spread across his face. “That smile of yours…” I said as I shake my head and my grin widened from content. “What?” “I can’t get over how you never fail to have one across your face….” “That’s because my smile is just a natural reaction to viewing the most beautiful girl in the world,” He replied. “Wow, you’re being quite cheesy tonight,” I exclaimed trying to hide the fact that I was blushing. “It’s true, (Y/n).” His hand was now out stretched to cup my cheek, grabbing my attention and putting it back on him. My breath caught in my throat as my eyes met his.

“I like seeing you blush, don’t try to hide it.” I felt my face get even hotter as he sits up and his face inches closer to mine. He brushed his lips against mine momentarily as if he was testing to see if it was okay with me. He has done this for the whole eight months that we’ve been dating and this turned me on every time. The second kiss was always deeper than the first. The hand that came up to hold my cheek, ran behind my head and into my hair giving it a tug which made me gasp in surprise. He used my surprise to his advantage and slid his tongue into my mouth, stealing my breath away. I pulled away because I was tired of the games he was playing. He never tried to do more than this, but we’ve waited long enough, “What’s wrong?” he asked me.

I looked him in the eyes as my heart tried to stead itself, but failed as I let out these nerve racking words that I’ve been wanting to say for so long. “I want to go all the way…” My voice wavered coming out of my throat. His eyes scanned my face, probably trying to see if I being was serious. He grabbed my hands with the both of his. “Are you sure?” I nodded. “I’m very sure…” a soft smiled played on his lips as I tried to confidently reply. “Okay, I just want to let you know that you can stop me at any time if you change your mind.” The was a hesitant look in his eyes at first, but changed to an eager look. His lips no longer landed on mine, but on my neck. Jin started to leave nibbles and I could barely breathe properly. My hands found themselves under his shirt after untucking it myself and then helping him remove it. My lips pressed against his again. I could feel my body starting to get ready and yearn for him. His hands slid down my sides making me shiver in awareness. My shirt came off next and I could feel the cool air against my heated skin. The Crickets chirped louder in my ears, as if they were cheering us on. My heart raced, one of his hands held my lower back and the other was making its way up to the skirt that I was wearing. He unzipping it and pulling it off of me. Every part of me seemed to be on high alert.

Before we started to get down to business he grabbed one of the extra blankets and threw it over ourselves. All we had on now was our underwear and it was pretty cool at the moment. “Are you sure you still want to do this?” He asked pulling a condom out of his wallet in the back pocket of his pants. “Yes… Very sure. I’m ready.” He smiled and kissed me again. This time he didn’t have to surprise me to get his tongue into my mouth because I slipped mine in his first. I could hear him moan when I did. I knitted my arms around his neck, wanting his hands on my skin again, but he was too busy putting the condom on. It seemed like forever before his hand were all over me again, just like I what I was craving.

One of Jin’s hands found its way up my thigh and touched my now wet underwear which made my breath catch in my throat. I didn’t realize how sensitive it was. “You weren’t kidding when you said you were ready.” His finger started to massage my clit after finding their way around my underwear. My legs twitched as the feeling ran up my spine. I let out a moan and his mouth came down on to mine again, teasing me with his tongue. He stopped with his fingers and started to help me with my underwear. “Let me know if it hurts… Okay?” I nodded and he adjusted himself above me to get ready. He started off slow, only putting in the tip and I let out a little whimper. “Are you okay?” He asked with a concerned face. I laughed “Yes, I’m fine. Now quit teasing me…” He smiled and gave me a little nod. He slowly inched in letting me adjust to his size and we both let out a moan when his full length made its way inside of me.

He repeated this over and over, but got faster with every thrust. Soon, I could feel him swell and I could see in his face that he was struggling to stop himself. I was getting closer with every thrust and I felt my body start to tingle. “It’s okay, baby. Just cum… I’m almost there…” I said in between breaths. He shook his head no. “I can wait a little longer…” I could feel him start to slow down a bit when he said this. “(Y/n),” He called out my name as he thrust the last time at his climate causing me to cum with him. He pulled out and collapsed beside me, cuddling me close to him as we tried to catch our breaths. “That was great,” I said out of breath. “Yeah, it was,” he replied just as out of breath as I was.

That took a lot out of me and my eyes were closing on their own. Thinking it was for just a minute I opened my eyes and saw that the night sky was now a bright blue and the sun hung close to the tree line a little bit away from us. “OH, MY GOD!” I felt Jin’s still body jump to attention. “What!?” He paused trying to get his eyes to focus to the light and then it seemed like he realized what I screamed about. “Oh no!” I scrambled to grab my clothes and throw them on while Jin did the same. As I had was just about finished with my clothes and Jin was trying to find his shirt I heard a noise that was kind of unrecognizable. It was a honk of some sort, but it didn’t sound mechanical. I turned to see what the hell the sound was coming from and found a big white goose staring straight back at me. I froze “Jin!” “Yeah?” I heard him shuffle the covers behind me. “Ahha, I found my…” he stopped talking when the goose wailed again and then something I was trying to prevent happening happened.

It honked one more time and flapped its wings, starting to chase us. We both ran to the car, not caring about what the hell we looked like and leaving everything behind, even our shoes. Jin got to the car first of course, without his shirt on, and I soon jumped into the car after him. We sat there a good five minutes out of breath again and just watched the stupid bird patrol us from outside the car. “Pfffttt…. Hahahahahaha…” doubled over in laughter. Jin looked at me at first confused then a chuckle started to escaped his lips. “Oh, my God, what a night…”. “Haha… happy white day babe…” he chuckled and then planted one on my lips.



Thanks for reading!


I'm sorry if it seems a bit rushed (or alot), but I'm use to longer stories so... yeah. P.s. happy white day guys!

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