BTS Tutor pt. 6

It’s dead silent in the dorm as the 6 members of BTS stare at Jin when he called me babe. Jungkooks face went blank and J-Hope looked like he was going to fall over with shock. Speaking for myself I actually felt a little cheated that Jin basically told them that we were together. He had mentioned keeping a secret until later on but, I get him. The silence continues and I am waiting for Jungkook to explode at Jin. Obviously I was not alone because Jin was preparing to fight but, nothing happened. Rap Monster breaks the silence “Jin hyung why didn’t you share this information until now? Do you know how much could have been avoided?” “ We have all talked about maintaining privacy before and I didn’t tell you guys because it didn’t seem like the right time for us.” “ Jungkook kicked me in the stomach. AND he was stalking your girlfriend.”“ Why is this Jin's fault? He is so underrated as a person and a performer so who cares if I am dating him?” Jin looks at me and that is how I know that my choice for a boyfriend was perfect. He walks over and wraps his arm around my waist and it just feels like home. Jungkook finally looks up and he looks like he has accepted the situation. “ Will you guys please give us your blessings. Y/n and I have really connected these last few months.” “ No worries Jin we are happy that you guys are together.” The next day when walking into BigHit there is a bouquet of flowers on your desk that makes the intense conversation go away a little bit. Jin is the sweetest he even got you chocolate covered strawberries. Hopefully today will be much more relaxing after all it’s the 100 day anniversary of me starting at BigHit. Slowly I walk to Banag Si-Hyuk's office with a tray of muffins for bate.“ you know I have been working with BTS for 100 days and I was wondering if I could surprise them with dinner at the dorm? Also here are some muffins and thank you so much for hiring me.”“ Of course you may enjoy yourselves.”One step into the dorm and you know why Jin prefers to hang out at your dorm or outside. It wasn’t a complete mess but, it needed some work. After putting the groceries away you roll up your sleeves and make the place go from slightly messy to decent. Upon finishing you go to the kitchen and start dinner. With 10 minutes until everything is ready the guys rush in and immediately circle you and try to pick at the stove. “ Don’t you dare V! Namjoon you’ll burn yourself! Jimin doing a split won't make this cook any faster.” Jin smiles a bit at you and gives a peck on the cheek. “ Welcome to my world sweetie.” a few moments later he touches your butt which makes you jump in surprise, looking over he is sitting on the couch with the only other member is Jungkook who is getting some soda from the fridge. *Did Jungkook just?...nah he has accepted me and Jin right?*Dinner was so much fun with joking and a live showing of Jin at his most motherly instinct yet. He is so cute when he shows off like this, his eyes sparkled with joy at looking after his 'children'. With a strange prickling on the back of my neck I excuse myself and head back to my dorm to talk to Yoon-Hee. The train ride felt much longer than usual as my thoughts filled with concern mainly for Jungkook. He is an adult but, he is still young I really hope he can fully recover...I know for a fact J-Hope will be alright. That feeling is still on my neck looking around I thought I saw--- no it can't be. Getting off at the next stop I run up the stairs and take a taxi the rest of the way. " Yoon-Hee meet me in the lobby of the dorm in 15 minutes!"" Y/n? it's 10:30 I am going to the party with my presentation group."" Code red."".....see you at the lobby."

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