I was offered a Kawaii Box to giveaway and of course I'm going to share it with my Vingle family :)

Kawaii Box is a monthyl subscription, and each box contains around 10 unique gifts straight from Japan, all focused on Kawaii Culture!

This is an example of the February Box.

Win your own box through the link at the end of this card!

Along with the key chains, there was also a pin, nail stickers, kitten post-it notes, and a giant polar bear pen!

While you're checking out your cute loot, you can snack on some equally kawaii foods.

This box included a Japanese style caramel popcorn and some strawberry chocolates in popular Sanrio shapes!

Each box also includes a DIY project!

In order to enter:


You can enter 13 times (you get 1 entry for each thing you do lik Liking them on FB or following them on Twitter)

If you win, Kawaii Box will notify you and send you your goodies :)

This giveaway runs for 20 days so it will end the first week of April!


Happy Spring, Fam!

and comment below if you entered^^~ thank you everyone!

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