When Jak Met Jiyong Part 26

Warning: Adult Humor

Jak woke up slowly, curling her toes and stretching her arms over her head. As she lowers her arms, she realizes that the bed and pillow next to her are warm but the body is no longer there. She sits up, looks around the empty room, and grabbing her phone she checks for messages. Nothing. She shrugs, swings her legs over the edge and gets up. Hearing nothing in the house, she dials for a taxi and goes to find her shoes.

Trying to not wake Jak, Jiyong steps from the guest bath in time to see her pass him and head into the living room. A mischevious smile crosses his face as he follows her down the hall.

“Tisk, tsk leaving without a goodbye love?”

Jak jumps a foot in the air, screeching as she whirls around. Eyes closed, hand over her heart, she tries to catch her breath.

“Ji! Damn it! You scared the hell out of me, I thought you weren’t here!”

He leans against the wall, arms folded over his chest and stares her down.

“Since when have I ever left without telling you, let alone when you’re asleep in my bed?”

She opens up her eyes, see’s him and her eyes open wider! She gets fidgety and stutters over her next words as she shakes a finger at him.

“That’s not playing fair……… Where the hell are your clothes?!?!”

He stands up straight and holds his arms out to the side, his towel low on his hips. The smile on his face is sexy and naughty.

“Probably in the hamper where I left them. Do you not like what you see? That could seriously put a damper on our relationship.”

She turns bright red and charges back across the room to stand in front of him. She pokes him in the chest to punctuate her each word.

“You…know…damn…well…you…are…the….sexiest…man…on…the….planet…to ….me! Now put your clothes on and tell me why I woke up alone!”

Jiyong traps her hand against his chest and stares into her eyes, “So you missed me?”

She smacks him with her other hand, “Don’t change the subject!”

He begins drawing circles on the back of her hand, which draws her eyes to her hand, than his tattoos.


Dazed she looks up at him, but seeing his smile brings her right back. She frees her hand and smacks him full on in the chest with it.

“Stop trying to distract me! Are you hiding something?”

His laugh is low and sexy as he puts his hands on the edges of his towel. “The only hiding is what’s covered by my towel. If you insist………”

She covers his hands with hers before he can remove it. “Tsk tsk tsk …little boys too eager to share their toys are often found to be wanting.”

She turns on her heel and heads into the kitchen, leaving him staring after her with his mouth open.

“You did not just insult my manhood.”

She flips her head back to look at him, “Previews often ruin a good movie.”

With that she walks off towards the kitchen calling back over her shoulder, “Dress quickly honey, I’m hungry.”

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