First Love -The last-

You, Jimin, and Hoseok came out from the court and looked at each other. "It's now over." You said barely audible. "Uh.. y/n, today is a good day and I think you guys should have quality time... I can take Young Joon for the day. You guys were probably stressed out for this day." You looked up at Hoseok and he gave you a small wink. He definitely knew how to make you smile. "Thanks Hoseok, would you do that for us?" "Of course, it'll be my pleasure!" You hugged him and he left. "Hey Jimin, what do you want to do?" "Hmm... I don't really know..." You grabbed his hand and walked down the stairs. "Where are you gonna go?" "Somewhere." You walked by the tall trees silently and listened to the blowing wind. You didn't stop walking until you got to this big hill. You ran and stood on the top. Jimin looked at you from the bottom. The wind blew his hair, and his eyes formed a crescent shape, signing to you that he was going to beam a smile. "Do you remember this place Jimin?" He simply smiled and nodded. This place was where you two met. You came here whenever you had something frustrating happen. The trees and the sky, embraced you to comfort, and the grass was like a bed to you in tired days. You liked it even more because there was no one there and it was always quiet. Until on day. You came to the hill and heard someone shouting. As you wandered around trying to look for that 'shouter' you found Jimin. A beautiful guy shouting his stress out. That's when your eyes met with him and he met eyes with you. "-y/n, how can I forget?" Jimin started to go up the hill as the sun shined on his glistening hair. He came closer to you and stared into your eyes. "This is the place where I met the other half of me." You smiled and he gave you a quick kiss. "Jimin.. you know what?" "Hmm?" You smirked and pulled him down, leading you two lay down on the ground together. Jimin put his arm behind his head and let out his other arm so you could use it as you temporary pillow. As you leaned on his chest, he looked down at you and made eye contact. "I love you." He smiled and gave you a kiss on the nose. You squinted as you smiled. "I love you too." He turned to the side and kissed your soft lips. His tongue tasted like sugar and his lips tasted like caramel. Sweet and soft. He pulled you in closer as you two shared love. You pulled away and smiled. "Do you hear the wind?" He nodded. "The wind blows the leaves and the leaves fall off." Jimin just listened to you as he stared in to your dreamy eyes. "To me, leaves are like people. You blow a little and they will fall right off. But you know what?" "What?" "I'll be that one single leaf that'll be stuck on you. I'll never leave you Jimin. Even if you want me too, I'll never leave you." He smiled and pulled you in closer kissing your happy lips. Few hours later you came back home and as you went into your eyes Jimin suddenly slammed you on the wall. "This was not expected.." He didn't even talk, he just slammed his lips on to yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he lifted you up and put you on the bed. He lifted up his shirt and he took off your blouse. As he lifted his shirt up, it revealed a HOT body you couldn't resist but to look at. "Y/n, I love you." You smiled and just pulled him in closer. This kiss was different from the one at the hill. It was hot and hard. You moaned and bit his lips. He took off your bra and he started trailing down kisses all over your body. When he got to your lower stomach, he took off your panties and started to kiss your center. You instantly slipped a moan as. You felt him in you. You couldn't help but clench his hair. Everything was too fast. "Y/n, you're so tight." Jimin looked up at you with sudden intense eyes. "Jimin.. I.. I want to feel you." "No, not yet." His dominant side was showing, and it was painful to not be able to feel his smooth body on you. As you were imagining his body on you, you bit your hands trying to resist the urge. Jimin got on top of you and kissed you heavily. He put his bulge right on top of you and teased you with it. You couldn't help but moan at the ecstatic feeling he was giving you. You took off his boxers and his bulge was welcoming you. "Jimin.. I.. I need you.." You were already weak from his magical things he did to you, but you needed him inside of you. Jimin looked kissed you as he put him in. Your back arched at pleasure and grasped his back. "You like that?" "Yes.." He repeatedly put him in and out of you and the pleasure was unspeakably great. Your legs automatically opened and wrapped his body. His messy hair was covering his eyes and all you could see were his lips. You sat up and he didn't stop. He held your back supporting you and you wrapped your arms around him. Your tongue didn't stop inside of his mouth and he kept going. "Jimin... ah..." In between the kisses, you couldn't help but show him how vocalized you were. "Y/n, say my name." "Jimin.." "Louder!" "JIMIN!!" Jimin kept going as you hugged him tight. Your skins were touching each other making friction, and keeping the air hot. You flipped him over and you dominated. "Jimin.. I'll do it for you.." You got on top of you and he grasped your breasts, making you throw your head back. His hands trailed down your body, giving your goosebumps and grabbed your ass, helping you put him in deeper. "Y/n.. you're so good." You tried to go rough, but it wasn't as rough as he did it to you. He suddenly grasped your hips and flipped you over, giving you a break for a little and went back at it. He started thrusting hard and your arms automatically wrapped around his neck so you could feel his breath on you. "Y/n... You always feel.. fucking amazing.." He breathed on to your neck as you started to feel your orgasm kicking in. "Jimin.. I.. I feel it coming..." You to rolled your hips in perfect harmony, making it hard to stop your release. "Do it y/n.. I want to feel you.." As he gave you a big thrust, your breath hitched and you released giving you the feeling of heaven. "Fuck.. I love that y/n.." And then he fell on top of you leaving you two tired, but happy. He laid himself down beside you and touched your face. "I love you more than anyone in this whole entire universe y/n. I really do.." You smiled and kissed his lips. "I love you too." You woke up the next day with the smell of food. As you looked out the door, you saw Jimin and Young Joon cooking together. It was a little hard for you to walk from the wild night you had yesterday but, you could handle it. "Good morning guys~" Jimin and Young Joon turned around with the cutest matching aprons and replied, "Good morning!" You laughed and cooked with them together, saving the food from being.. trash. As the cooking finished, you sat down and saw Young Joon and Jimin. Memories flashed with Jimin and Go Hae Soo and Hoseok.. There were bad things but you were having the time of your life. You had Jimin and a new member.. Young Joon. They were your one and only first loves. This is the last part of First Love!! Thanks for everyone that gave love to this fanfic, and I'll start a new Jimin fanfic later on. Love ya guys! -bunny @BTSxEXO@MrsJungHoseok@merryjayne13@YesniaF@sarahdarwish@bigbang2ne1exo@Orihemay@amobts@sarangseoltang@Taekookimonster@JaxomB@hanheeyoung1126@tiffany1922@SugaKookieV@KaeliShearer@PolarStarr@QueenLele@peachchild.@dchapple45@KassieXiong@Vkookie47@DalyRomero@MelissaGarza@KeraDelatorre@SindyHernandez@Mavis2478@Otakukpoper@amberg171997@FoxxyJinxx@sherrysahar@sugakookies95 @JessicaEvaristo@AbbyRoscoe @RKA916@Tae4everyoung@aliahwhbmida@IsisMayaVelasco@KristinaCaron@Saeda1320@Nikolmaii@jiminakpop@MaritessSison@TracyLynn@GwenCooper@ezzygomez24@lalaMF@Spark2015@FalseLove@Qilin94@BrennaHarding@VeronicaArtino@easha015@Jaysbae13@TracyLynnn@SaraHanna@babymarkson@FromBlue2U@amandamuska@KendraReeve@BiasKpop@KimFergus@Sulgie@BridgetJara@BTSlover7@thekpoprealm@anarose Please ask if you want to be tagged or removed~^^

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