Big Bang Tutor pt. 1


Looking down as the plane landed this is all becoming real "Yes I'm in Korea...Now what?" Now I am going to make a stamp of my greatness here, I have been through too much to stop now. Wait isn't this the airport the one idol's use? Oooo I hope I can catch a glimpse of T.O.P!!! Okay it's been 15 minutes time to go in a taxi. ~dorm~ Omg this real, I am actually in a dorm in Korea! Act calm cool and collected no need to get overly excited. .yet. ~third pov~After inspecting the layout you go into your room lay on your bed and relax..." Hi you must be y/n I am your roommate Jan-Di. Do you need any help unpacking?" "No thank you I am just taking it all in...between you and me did they really film Running Man here?"~Kakao chat notification~ Sorry Jan-Di one second.Herang(male bff): anyong Y/N ! How much do you love me?Y/N: lol stop being silly what happened?Herang: I got you a tutoring job at my uncle's building. Y/N: omo thank you so much! What is the building name? Herang:.......Herang: YG entertainment.Y/N: WHAT?!?!?!

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