Korean Artists and More Barred from Entry to US :(

As some of you might know, SXSW is going on in Austin, Texas right now.

It's a music, tech, and culture festival that has been going on for YEARS and has been growing and growing, even inviting people like f(x) and Epik High!

This year, however, the performing artists have had trouble even getting on American soil.

Korean rapper Don Malik is the latest to be held by American immigration, and claims he and his team were treated horribly:

This goes along with other accounts by foreign artists trying to come in for SXSW.


It is unclear whether or not this is SXSW's fault or US immigration's lack of clarity, but either way its a shame for both the artists and the fans. With the US' tightening immigration policies I fear that this might happen much more often. And if we become a country that not turns away not only humans needing help, but the arts, what kind of country are we?


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