Gangsta Love: Truth Reveal


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When Sober, he as sweet as a puppy, but when Drunk He's a true thug... You as one of the best cat burglars get caught when he's a Drunken Thug. Oh the things he does to you, the threats he makes come true. Makes you work for him, but only when he drunk. He ignores you when sober, in fear you will use his sober state as an escape.


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~(Y/N Pov)~



Distance that all I wanted at the moment.


I barely got six hours away from him, before Woo Bae came over to my apartment. Loco had summon me, since his boys and him were going to this local event, and were bringing secret dates. Oh that what he claim at the very least. I just sighed heavily under my breath, before searching my closet for the proper attire for this event. Little happy Woo Bae was the person that was going to bring me to Loco.

Woo Bae help me pick out the right outfit, and smiled at me when we found the right one. "I actually want to suggest tying up you're hair." Woo Bae pointed to my hair, as he spoke. I shook my head and left it down. "Will the place be well lit?"

Woo Bae nodded his head, before I patted his arm. "Then its best I leave it down. Less chance of someone remembering my face." He seem puzzled for a moment, while I got my jacket. "Oh yeah, I keep forget you're wanted."

Woo Bae chuckled as we headed out to the party. Loco was dressed to impress, hair slick back, sweater and suit pants with clean all back shoes. He was waiting for us outside of a building entrance in the basement parking lot. He was leaning against a wall in the vista-view between the parking lot and the elevators. Woo Bae waved for me to go towards Loco, as I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Why can't I just have a day off from him." I walked over to Loco, and stood in front of him. "Yeah... well you just make sure I get my money. Or you return the product or else." He was talking business with someone apparently, making me raise an eyebrow at him.

Loco hung up his phone, and walked over towards me. He offer his arm to me, whilst pocketing his phone. I refused it, and went straight for the elevator instead. "Yah! You're my date right now..." I held up my hand and turn my head to look over my shoulder at him.

"I'm your date the moment we are both inside of the event. Right now we're not...You made it very clear this morning what we are... So lets not get into character until upstairs." The elevator door open, and I was about to step in, before his arm block me. He stood between the elevator and me.

"Fuck the event, Okay. I need to talk to you actually before we go up there. I need to understand why you got Ju Kyung-ah being so awkward with me. You started something when you weren't working for me." I looked Loco in the eye, and saw annoyance lurking. "What the fuck did you do, Y/N?"

I looked away, and push pass him to get into the elevator. He storm in after me, and stop the elevator from possibly moving once the doors closed. Loco grabbed me by the jaw and forced me to look his way. "I will not have you fuck up the good thing I have here. You need to tell me what you fucking did or I'll simply make you disappear."



All the way to my medical records and 'non-existing' criminal record. "Nah, can't be a lover, cause a thief like you? No way you could be loyal to another man without getting something out of it." I glared at him, feeling my entire being shaking. Loco dared to call me a whore, because I lied about being sick.

I slapped him with all my strength across the face. "Sorry I'm not one of you whores that would give it up for money. I have more respect for myself than that! You of all people dare to call me out on not being faithfully loyal?! If that was true I would of broken our deal after I got my money!"

Loco glared at me and grabbed me by my neck, to pin me down to the wall again. His grip was firm but he wasn't squeezing. "You got some balls to be hitting me. So tell me, why were you at the hospital? Or do I have to go digging for the information?"

I pushed him away, as my fear of him discovering my sister kicked in. "No, let me go! I want to go home!" His grip tighten as he grabbed my hands to stop me from pushing him away. "So its family, I can see the fear building up in your eyes. Looks like I got leverage on you now, huh?"

Loco smirked devilishly, as I kicked him in the shin. "AH!" He let go of me completely as a reflex action to grab his leg. I went to punch him, but he caught my hand. So I turn to kick, but he grabbed my ankle. He forced me to spin around and pin me against the wall face forward again.

"You touch my sister and I swear I will cross the line and take you're fucking life, Hyuk Woo." He growl after laughing lightly. "You're sister, huh? I bet she's a beauty. Maybe I should go for her instead of you. Make her my first wife." I threw my head back, clocking him in the nose. He cry out in agony, as I got free.


I slugged Loco, as he stumble back, holding his jaw. Blood was rolling down from his nose. He just stood there starting at me, as his eyes show shock and lost its rage. He looked down at his feet, before looking around a bit. "You robberies, they always were something of value. Cancer medical bills are high... You steal to pay don't you."

He looked up at me in the eyes, as I noticed the wheels in his head were turning. I was shaking though, from rage and fear. I just nodded my head as he relaxed, and seem to be regretting his words. He looked as if he wanted to say something, but his words were caught in his throat. Loco had relaxed completely and turn to open the door to the parking area.

He wouldn't look me up in the eye but waved for me to leave. "Go... I'm not going to make you go to this event with me." I looked him over and noticed something red building up, on his nice yellow sweater. I could feel myself still shaking as I walked over to him. Loco looked up at me, as he watched me.

I noticed my hands trembling as I slowly lifted up his sweater. He had a t-shirt on under, and it was drenched him blood. I lifted it up to see that one of his bullet wounds had open again. "I'm fine, y/n. Just go." I looked up at him, as he had taken my hands in his own lightly. He seem scared to actually be touching me.

I noticed a scent coming from him, and it was minty. Loco was sober this time around as well too. "I'm sorry y/n... With the path I choose, I am can't trust everyone. Especially you, you're getting too close to me too." He was finally looking me in the eyes, and I could see he had soften. The gangsta he only show me, was gone.

"My threats are empty when it comes to you. I just... you could ruin me if you got closer." His hand touch my cheek softly and I could feel he was shaking too. He was letting his guard down for me, as I come to realize....

This was the real him.

"Y/N, please... say or do something." I back ground at the blood stain, and took his hands firmly in my own. "Come on." I took him out of the elevator, and lean him to the car Woo Bae was leaning again. "I want your jack and shirt." He looked at me confused, as I turn to Loco, and pulled at his shirt.

"Trade clothes... after I treat your wound."

Loco didn't fight me, as we got into the car, and he let me tend to his gun wound. I even treated his nose, to make sure there wasn't much damage. "Y/n... Why are you playing nurse for me like this?" I looked up at Loco as I noticed he had been staring at me the whole time. "You may have been an asshole to me, but that side you try to hide. You're always good to me when sober."

After I finished treating his wound, Woo Bae came into the car, and traded clothes with Loco. I was waiting outside of the car, as they changed, and sighed heavily. I rest my eyes, and rubbed my arms to keep warm. I felt an arm wrap around me and someone kiss the top of my head. When I looked up, I saw it was Loco that was embracing me.

"You don't have to attend with me anymore. If you want to go spend time with your sister, go to her. I'll be find without you." I pet my head, before going off to the event without me. Woo Bae came over to me and smiled warmly. His smile faded though, when he grabbed my arm.

"Did boss do this to you?" He asked as I noticed bruises were starting to form on my arms, which meant possibly on my neck as well. "Lets get you home, so we can make these go away." I simply nodded and got back in the car. Woo Bae escorted me home right away.

It had been almost a month, since I last saw Loco. I had been getting jobs from it, and big ones. but Woo Bae was our middle man the whole time. I was with my sister more as well, even got to give her the bear key-chain. She was always so happy with every visit. I was on my way to go pay off her medical bill again, when the doctor stop me halfway.

The Doctor was smiling warmly at me as he came over to me. "Ah, Y/N, I see you're coming to make a payment. So no one has told you yet? You're sister's medical bill. Its pay for in full throughout the next few months. The anonymous donor requested that they be charged and to let your sister and you be at ease."

I just blinked at the doctor as I felt my heart sink into my stomach. "Wh-what? c-can I refuse the donation?" The doctor looked at me surprised as he exchanged looks with the nurse beside him. "Are you sure about that? Most people would normally want to thank the donor not reject them."

I simply nodded my head as I balled up my hands into fist. "Sorry but other than my sister, I really don't know anyone in this country. I don't feel comfortable with someone hiding in the shadows making such donations." The doctor signed and waved for me to follow him. He went straight for his filing cabinet when we got to his office, and pulled out a file.

The doctor came over and handed it over to me. "Normally we let them stay anonymous but you seem so uncomfortable without knowing who donated. That is only right I allow you to know who the kind person was, really." I open the file and glance down the payments with the names beside them. My whole world stop as I saw the anonymous donor's name.

I couldn't believe my eyes

This man how...



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