i was inspired to make a song πŸ™„

so i saw this yesterday and i love@SimplyAwkward @PRroxx05 replies it made my day so i got inspired and i wrote the rest of the lyrics (^_^) i called it A Whole New Guild (based on the song called a whole new world)

i borrowed @SimplyAwkward @PRroxx05 replies in this song and i want to give some credit cause thanks to them i wrote this (^u^)........so hope u guys like the lyrics i was fun to make

thanks for the inspiration@SimplyAwkward @PRroxx05 (^u^)

Well I'm 23....female that πŸ’™'s playing videos games, reading manga, watch anime. My most fav anime would be FairyTail,My Hero Academia, Sword Art Online, Pokemon.....and I like collecting anime stuff. But the most important thing to me that i treasure a lot is making other people smile and i really like Natsu, Deku, Rin, and Lucy smile plus sometime those smiles inspire me to draw. πŸ˜„
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