-Winner Bias War- Team Mino: Mino in the Heirs Parody~!!


Hello everyone!!

I know it's been like a month since I last posted, but to be honest, I'm not even suppose to be back until Monday;; But I had to join in for the Winner community's bias war!! And I'll be supporting Team Mino~


So why should you fall in love with Mino?

Well, that's easy.....

Because he is so funny!!!!!


Winner made an Heirs parody a while back and Mino just makes you laugh at everything he does and says!! You're just bound to end up falling for his charms~

I know I did~ :3

I found this video of a compilation of Mino's scenes from the parody that also compares him to the real Choi Young-do, and wow!! Mino's acting is on point!!!! Mixed in with all of Mino's humor, of course cX

This video does not have english subs, sadly.... But it does show most of Mino's scenes and such, but if you really want to get a good look at just how funny (and perfect Cx) Mino really is (and understand what he's saying, since that's ummm pretty important) then watch the full video and be prepared to roll over laughing.

(And this full video does actually have eng subs ^-^ Just make sure that you turn on cc)

And, of course, completley fall head over heels in love with Mino~

Him dressed up as a girl has got to be the funniest thing ever XD And how he gets so butt hurt about not being one of the female roles too XD XD XD It's okay Mino, I loved you as Choi Young-Do cx

And the thing he does with his eyebrows!! So good!!!! He had me ugly laughing the whole time!! Cx

(Oh, and Seungri of Big Bang is in the video as PD Yang so ummmm watch it~!! cX)


*whispers* Choose Mino as your bias!! You won't regret it C;*whispers* Choose Mino as your bias!! You won't regret it C;

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